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  1. Acctually i posted the post @ this topic So i cant change the title/text, since a mod. moved this post to a sparate topic But yes, its VB6 ;D Mindovermaster: All you need to do is make a WinSock Control, and a textbox. Double click anywhere in the form and paste the code. Then press F5(or the "play" button) Then the textbox will show your IP...
  2. you can also get your IP using winsocket. Right-click @ all the buttons ->Components -> Scroll down to "Microsoft Winsock Control 6.0 (SP6)" -> Click ->Ok you'll now get 2 computers left to the OLE button, click the computers/winsock control and place it in the form Next make a text box/ label, your choice. I'll be using a textbox. Now double click at the form. Write: Private Sub Form_Load() Text1.Text = Winsock.LocalIP End Sub
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