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  1. Name: Aaron Country: Canada Posts prior to entering contest: 95 Referrer: None, maybe CHC
  2. GT5 and Grid are nice , I'll try putting up a review soon.
  3. Yeah, I have heard this too. Mainly because the land wasn’t as large and vast as San Andreas and Vice city. Also having a plane as a mount... That’s something that I despised GTA IV for.
  4. In my POV, I think that the admission fee is a sort of entrance fee (only applies as stated in FAQS, such as a “special event” which could be a ranked race of some sort). Otherwise it would be $75.00 CAD p/person (WRKA member: $50.00 CAD) on a non-scheduled day from noon to dusk ($50.00CAD from 5:00 to Dusk).
  5. Lmao, yeah. I'll look forward to it, although I'm leaning more into the gaming/car sections never really been good with tech. +1+1+1. Lmfao.
  6. Bought a new monitor, ASUS VW246H; so i went ahead and tested my PS3 on it. It’s not a bad RPG; I only stay tuned into GTA IV for the ability to cruise and the car damage . Unlike GT5, where the graphics are unbelievable (tried getting some photos but it just made GT5 look bad ). Seems although you are watching ESPN sometimes , but there are no car damage nor sparks... Sorry for the bad photos
  7. Honda Del Sol, Integra front, WRX back.. Some guy is selling this... Object(Not sure if it's a car ) in Edmonton.
  8. Lmao S2 games took DOTA and created their own game. HoN, still have 3 beta keys on my hand . Basically it's just the same ol` DOTA but with upgraded graphics and heroes unique to HoN. d/w herb. I haven't played since last winter We can practice on computers roflbbq. Photos included(NDA Lifted, verification so this post doesn't get deleted.)
  9. "There are admission charges to the Park, but only on EMRA (Edmonton Motorcycle Roadracing Assoication/$10 per person, children 12 or under is free) and and other special event." http://www.stratotech.ca/
  10. They host events every now and then, for cars(timed laps), Motorbikes(No Harleys or choppers sorry ) and go-karts. People usually drop in with their own karts. And yes, it is completely normal to bring your own kart, they sell them too. Got their own little shop. Tons of Sparco gear. Mods for karts and karts(2spd & 6spd, who'd want a 4hp go-kart ) as stated before. P.S Still awaiting for E-mail of destination
  11. Uh, I'll email my friend that brought me there. I personally don't remember. Renting the track alone is near $1000CAD. It's pretty massive. They have some gay karts with like 4hp. Some with 2 speeds and 6 speeds. Renting the karts cost a bit... Probably around $250CAD(full tank of gas, ETA 33 laps; that's more than enough to tire your neck muscles.) They had some bad boys in their garage.. like 11-14 of them... don't remember the count.. Included in photo.
  12. A bit out of Edmonton there's a pretty sweet track. Went their once with my friend when it was the event for the big guys Caught a photo of something unique.. The karts for this event were 2spds.
  13. Passing by my neighborhood, saw a car that looked like nothing i had ever seen The size of this Diablo made me laugh.
  14. The motions, Something To Say by Matthew West.
  15. I'm still down with starcraft after all these years
  16. 43/50 ): messed up on sad ones. Like tata chang w/e and stuff ):
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