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    Were just in the lack of money that's all; They want it, budget is the only problem. Got sold though, that's what my father said. Dam.
  2. Rave


    Next time i return back to klarvatten for a visit, i'll keep in mind to snap some pictures
  3. Rave


    Heard your father likes them.
  4. Rave


    Well, their three places where looking at so far, Klarvatten, Oxford, and Bellerive. Today, someone offered on the house so yeah. Parents like the house, so their like. Praying
  5. Rave


    Moving to a house with a back lake view. Finally i'm moving.
  6. I believe I was told he was busy.
  7. My friend dianne had a HP Pavilion DV8216, i couldn't find it in any shop either or on HP's site. I only found it up to DV6325 or something similiar to that. I'll try out the asus, thanks for the holler.
  8. I found it in Costco, "The Preliminary Ship Date is 10 -15 business days and represents the estimated time it takes to process your order based on approved credit card purchase." Dam, Also its 600$ above the Dell.ca pricing lol.
  9. I've seen the Kingsway's Dell kiosk, They had the XPS M1730. Do they have it there? Or would they order it online for you..?
  10. I could, but i am in a bit of a rush. So yeah.
  11. Is there anywhere you could buy a Dell XPS M1730 in Edmonton?
  12. Hey, it's about time i haul in a whole new computer. I need some advice, still not so great with computer's. Not so sure about the price range but i would estimate a price around 0~2500$ Thanks.
  13. I would say you should use Stopping power(Power++ in bullets) and Steady aim(Hip fire increase), the first perk it shouldn't matter too much. RPG is better than C4 depending what games you prefer. C4 if you love the search and destroy, Rpg if it's a fast respawn map, when you unlock bandolier(more ammo) use it for the first. I wouldn't recommend sleight hand(faster reloading), doesn't help alot.
  14. Lol yeah, got it around October. Wasn't bad.
  15. Looks like you had a nice typo, Company of Heroes < Starcraft Well, we have our own favorites.
  16. i go for starcraft, been playing it here and their for couple of years now quitting between time to time. Not a complete addict though.
  17. Same, i also have it on PS3 with a HDMI cord. Its much clearer to spot enemies scoping from far range. Allows me to snipe with a AK47 without the acog scope but a Red dot sight.
  18. Third Prestige - Major I All my perks are the same With Bandolier, Stopping power, and Steady Aim Main Weapons MP5 (digital) G3 (digital) AK47 (blue tiger) Any weapons for my challenges M4A03 (blue tiger) if anyone wants to play, just add me. Pandanoid Console:PS3
  19. I like both, But i like the abstract more
  20. yea microsoft is usually hacked my neighbors was hacked
  21. Rave


    Colorado avalanche rules
  22. I dont watch basketball so got none to addicted to cs.s
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