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  1. BasketBall isnt that fun anymore hockeys much better
  2. i dont play NBA anymore barely play it cause i'm startin to suck at it in gym
  3. thats weird how its half christian and half is christian
  4. Rave

    video games

    wonder when i gt a comp??
  5. i argree with puttin a chat room on this forums
  6. Rave

    video games

    yup i got halo 2 not as easy as halo 2
  7. NFSU2 aint that good because it drags to much
  8. http://www.gamespot.com/news/2004/1...ws_6115153.html The Dear Friends Final Fantasy Live Orchestra is coming to Chicago on Feb 19, 2005! tickets will be in the range of $33.00-125.00. Here is the link to gamespot! I know this much IM GOING!!! It will be at the Rosemont theater. VIP ($125) Seats include a meet & greet with Nobuo Uematsu following the performance. Im getting my ticket this weekend!
  9. I need a logo that says Command centre with sum starcraft pics and i want the pics of command centre,hatchery & Nexus
  10. LoL how did i no it was that much
  11. me 2 got no money 2 spar usin it on halo 2
  12. LoL i no we dont need that much mod's or there's to much and its gonna look weird & looks like this forum is dumb but its cool
  13. Rave

    video games

    Its cool tell him to play multiplayer and checck out da vechicles!!! nd all the cool weapons there so cool
  14. Ya make some little screenshots so we can see
  15. Sure i'll tell her to PM u and shes al ready activated
  16. Yea and i heard that the blue case looks awesome and i'll check it out when i go to his house. owe boy!
  17. your site is pretty weird lol i almost got color blind
  18. Rave


    My friend was spammin on this weird forum he got bandded lol
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