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  1. LoL best buy,future shop?
  2. I would like curve ball 2 When is the next tournament gonna start?
  3. yea this 1 rocks comparded to the oldy 1's
  4. NO, halloween is to weird i ratha be on the comp playin in the arcade or postin its funner than halloween
  5. Rave

    video games

    just say the 1's u got on playstation
  6. Rave

    video games

    lol ur getting 1 in christmas rite?
  7. i wanna be a mod on the forums i have recruited 1 member (azn_twins) on and shes already a member i would want to mod the : games & gaming consel + sport & teams Plz
  8. Rave


    mine is Lakers from basket ball and colorado avalanche from hockey.
  9. me i might get halo 2 and i have all sorts of games i think i lost sum
  10. i like watching AFV,simpsons, & just fpr laugh gags i like watchin comedy
  11. I dont even miss hockey cause i'm usally on the comp. and doing my hw
  12. mine basketball not hockey Cause i'm not good
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