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  1. buy me a source one ill be your friend and invite you to my birthday party
  2. i hate bills too...im glad i dont have any ...yet
  3. ZoSo


    canadian team had the skill they just didnt play as a team...they sucked! but hey we got gold in womens and gold in MENS CURLING! thats the REAL sport of the olympics
  4. i would get cs:s but its winter so my money tree has no money on it i have to wait until spring
  5. ZoSo


    GO CANADA! 20 Olympic medals so far! how many more will we get??
  6. yeah somebody has to keep you guys in line....you guys change topics faster then i could pwn you all at cs (and thats pretty fast )
  7. revolution you can play every nintendo game every created...he ability to bring back the old classics alone makes it better
  8. i only got cs no cs source lol so yeah if you got cs then bring it!
  9. i want in but i dont care what game....ummm bomberman maybe?
  10. Hey all I have Norton Internet Security 2003 and my subscription just ran out should I renew my subscription? buy Norton Internet Security 2006? or switch to a new anti virus? lets hear all your opinions and comments/criticisims about each software
  11. playstation sucks NINTENDO FOR LIFE! yeah they havent had a good system since N64 but hey N64 was kick aphnetworks.com enough to go in a rut for a while...but their new console will be the best yet mark my words!
  12. computers are boring in my school i dont even take it I take tech and its awesome tech > computers
  13. yeah that desk will probably hold it but if your worried just get two old broom handles and cut them the height of the desk and put them on the two outer corners, or at least one on the outer corner not supported by anything....then you will have an ugly desk with an ugly broom handle leg!
  14. i use a generic microsoft ball mouse and a generic mouse pad and I could still pwn you noobs at cs
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