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  1. Ok, I have no idea where you went lol. Looks very nice compared to the winters we get Although I can't complain lately because we've had west coast type of winter so far.
  2. I'll end up playing this for sure, but it sure doesn't beat the older style FF games. FF 1, 2, 6 (3 in US), 7, 9 are the ones I loved and played a lot. I haven't got around to play some of the remakes (for GBA and DS).
  3. IBM-XT was my first PC too, but it was a hand me down. I remember playing this NFL game, the graphics on that thing (it was just X vs O). Ran it off the floppy (a true floppy disk @ 5.25"). Good to see another XT user here. I think I had a Roland (or is that two ll's) dot matrix with it too. First "real" computer I got for myself was an AMD 486 DX2-80 - I believe it was AMD.
  4. This would be "cool" if it came with that helmet - on the main page that is linked (headphones/mic) It has a nice nostalgic feel to it.
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    Off topic from this but who's this *ahem* I've been hearing about with chc lol. Oh wait I also see "girls" not just "girl". Chc stop blushing man!!! hehe @chc - Calgary was/has always been on my roadmap for places I'd love to live, along with Vancouver or at least in BC. It sucks you refused me as a roomate though cuz I remember offering to stay in your closet even, but I think you got too much review equipment in there. Is it still all there? Signed lease today, so it's official. I was walking back from the shopping center to my friend's place (who I'm staying with for the week until I get furnished) and I couldn't help but smile at the idea that I've finally got my own place. I've had to stay at home this past year for family reasons. It's about time I moved out. When I take pics, keep in mind it's all bare. I can't paint cuz winter has hit us pretty quickly and I won't be able to air out the place in time for me to live there. I still need to do my own cleaning even though the landlord has already done cleaning.
  6. @ shift - oh my 52". Hmmm maybe I need one that big then lol. TIA for the pics if you manage to get them. Not to worry if you forget to do so, since I can have a glance at it when I visit Futureshop again. I guess I'll drop Sharp for now since not many deals on those. @TL6MT - Yeah, I agree with your IPS vs TN panel type of assessment. I forgot to mention that I read somewhere that 120hz and 240hz has more to deal with 24fps films. Basically the idea is that 60 does not divide into 24 evenly, therefore it requires some "filler". With the new 120/240hz, dividing those by 24 does produce even numbers, and therefore no "filler" is required, which results in better motion. Also, since LCDs use 60hz based refresh rates, refresh rates need to be a even multiple of 60 (btw when I mention even, I mean no remainder is left over after division for those wondering). Anyone else care to comment on this, feel free. I think I may just drop the 120hz priority a little more judging from various comments that it doesn't really make a big difference (at least for now. Brand seems to be a bigger factor (along with what the brand brings in terms of technological advancements). Wish I could buy Plasma, but since I'm pretty much just gaming on this, Plasma is generally a no-no. I have read some people saying you can do things to help (possibly) prevent screen burn-in but it can still happen.
  7. Yeah, I figure there are lemons out there (which is why I don't hold anything against Kingston yet). Don't almost all SD/uSD (or just flash memory in general) come with life-time warranties? I never checked my packaging so I forget. A-data SD 16GB Class 6 is my newest card, so I can't comment on long term life. So far though, all the others I have listed are fine and are 5+ years, with some light use of read/write. Oh I forgot to mention I have a couple of Patriot SD cards (class 6) for my p/s camera. So far so good too.
  8. Sorry to be in a non-googling mood, but what's this Intel Edge program? Everyone's getting new PCs/parts, I need to join in soon =D Waiting to see pics and such.
  9. Well the other thing is that if you carry it in a backpack, you really don't feel that much of the weight. I mean sure a netbook you barely feel a thing. I think I'm going to be using a Thinkpad at work too again after going to work to visit last week, and seeing almost everyone with one. We had Dell Latitudes that I used for over a year, which were okay but definately not Thinkpad quality.
  10. Hey Hops! I'm oozing of jealousy for the i7 setup. Welcome to last year, okay I'm even worst cuz I've not even thought of getting a full i7 system yet. Anyhow, can't wait to see all the stuff in action. Also, I think you should upgrade your headset Really, I can't comment on them though cuz I've never used them. If it makes you feel any better, I almost always go over budget.
  11. Yeah, I remember reading about one particular Noctua model (or maybe two) that is recommended for use with heatsinks with tightly spaced fins. Honestly though, I hate doing testing and figuring out what is best. As long as the temperatures are good/great and it's quiet, I'm happy with results. Keep in mind, I generally run everything stock because I have no need to overclock. If you do overclock and are one of those who want every bit of ghz, then you'll have to do more tests to figure out which fan is best. Add to the fact that the exhaust fan(s) can play a part in what particular CPU fan is best for a particular heatsink (again further tesing, but again, for those who are picky or want the highest overclock possible. Overall though, I'm very happy with Noctua fans for CPU and case fans (I think I followed something along shift's advice - P model for CPU fan, S model for case fans). Of course, Noctua is on the pricey side so I stay away unless I really want them. Hmm which reminds me I've still got a few lying around in Ottawa when I went Noctua fan shopping crazy (I think I really bought 10 at one time lol). I think I posted a thread on it somewhere way back. Also loud power tools, you really shouldn't put that drill bit into your head cuz it can hurt not only your head/brain but your hearing, yet I guess you figured that out already
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    Forgot about God too, but I guess people do leave and move on, or have priorities =) @redeemed - thank you, I don't feel as bad lol. You seem to be a very good person just like everyone else here (except for me cuz I don't want to sound conceited lol). Just an update, I found a place now! I'm signing my lease on Friday so I'm moving, hurray! I'll take pics and the setup when I get furniture. It's a cozy place (aka a little small but it will do for now until I decide what I'm going to do in the next year or two).
  13. A little too heavy for me, but hey, I'm a lightweight. Good specs, but why didn't you go for the Acer Timeline, oh yeah, ooops lol. I like Lenovo though, and especially Thinkpad line as I used many at work. Since you've got money, why not buy a Lenovo for an APH contest
  14. Xigmatek products I've been very interested in since I heard good things about them. Push pin installation with a tower like this always makes me scared (I have a Scythe one that uses push-pin and the contact probably isn't that great on my Q6600). Easy to install though I guess =/ Good idea on the cleaning on the base. I always end up cleaning all my heatsinks with alchy before installation. I hope this holds up during Atlanta heat waves =) From your testing thus far, this is awesome! Thanks for your post, and keeping an eye on this since I gotta get an i7 sometime down the road.
  15. Thanks for the responses all. I guess LCD TVs, or TVs in general follows the whole you get for what you pay. Seeing as most have mentioned Sony Bravia line, I'll have a second look at it. I tried to ask the Futureshop rep to give me a deal on a bundle with a Sony 120hz 46" (V5100), but he only knocked off $200 (bundled with PS3 Slim 120GB, TV Stand, Pioneer speaker/receiver system and protection plan). Anyhow, not a sweet deal at all so I'm going back again to see what I can do for a cheaper price. All that and after taxes was something like $2800 (ouch!). Surprised no one mentioned Sharp Aquos as I have heard they are the best LCD TVs, for price and "performance". Is this wrong, or has Sharp been surpassed by others? @shift - yeah that's what I plan on doing, maybe even HDMI to the LCD TV to support HDCP in the future when I get a Bluray drive for the PC. VGA/DVI is definately a good alternative. @chc - do you happen to know if upconverting to 1080p would make 120hz "work better" or actually see a difference, or are you speaking of 1080p native content? LG doesn't stand out for me in terms of output for sure, but the features and price I guess tells you the story. @TL6MT - Hot car!!! I feel sad cuz I just missed the Dell deal on the Philips 46" (or was it 47") which was 120hz, but I hesitated since I don't know where I would ship it to since I didn't have a place yet lol. @MoM - I'll stay away from Vizio as I know a local store here carries it and I would get a good discount off of it, but I'm not going to cheap myself too much. @boomer - I was looking at Samsung myself, so I'm glad I'm not too far off.
  16. I usually buy what's cheapest, but a name I recognize. I have SD/uSD Cards from A-Data, OCZ, Sandisk, Kingston and even our own branded Nokia ones. I guess it depends on what the use is of the card. If I were to get one for let's say a digital camera for HD video, then you'll want something Class 6 (which may not be available in the size you want). I guess what differs between each company and the Class versions are the actual speeds they read/write. I would say any brands that have been mentioned in this thread are good, just make sure it is the Class version you want, depending on your need. For a mp3 player, Class 2 is fine. BTW, I have had one Kingston 4GB be not useable anymore, so I don't buy Kingston anymore, but they aren't bad by any means.
  17. As the description goes. I'm looking more at 46" or 47" though. Main uses (prioritized): Gaming - PS3 and XBox PC Hookup - Most LCD displays now support 1080p on VGA. I remember seeing 1366x768 on a 1080p via VGA =/ Anyhow HTPC will use this as my 2nd display Movies/Shows/Documentaries - Mainly using Bluray but I do have DVDs I wanna watch from time to time I will not be watching TV on this at all, as I'm not going to get cable/digital/satellite. Does 120hz really matter that much? Am I paying a premium for something that really is hard to see a difference? I guess it depends on the person. My biggest problem right now is which company? LG being the cheapest with the most features. Samsung/Sharp stuck in the middle in terms of pricing and of course Sony mostly being the most expensive. Does anyone want to let me know of their experiences with their branded TVs, and any input on 120hz. I'll have more to ask I'm sure as the weekend approaches but I'm sleepy. APH is gonna ruin my life, in a good way lol.
  18. Nice review. I got myself a PSP-2000 a few months ago. It's a fun system to have, but I prefer my DS even more. The DS just feels more compact and I feel I gotta baby my PSP a little more. I would have a hard time giving it a 8.5/10 due to the fact that I feel there are better games on the DS versus the PSP, but this is a personal preference. Plus for those just running PSP with UMD is just bad imo (PSPGo is not really a better option either by removing UMD - although I believe 3rd party has made an external UMD reader). Let's bring back cartridges lol. My rating would be 8.0/10 with the DS getting a 8.5/10. Don't get me wrong though, the PSP is definately a better format for more "mature" gamers while the DS is more of an "all ages" gamers. Both have a decent collection of great games. I'm only playing FF games on the PSP, but I'm playing a few more other types of games on the DS. On the topic of modding, I think all PSPs are now moddable as of a month ago, though don't quote me on it because I'm not into this stuff. Sony will fix this though, as they always do. It'll definately keep you busy, especially if you can play old school console games, cuz there's a lot of fun relaxing games from back then. Other games of interest on PSP for the masses: God of War I believe there are two Ratchet and Clank games Gran Turismo (although I hear this is not up to par with previous GT games) 2x Daxter games (one which is already mentioned by MoM GTA games (esp Chinatown Wars) all if not most of the FF based games (okay I'm biased!) Metal Slug Anthology is a must have for platform based shooters (available on many other consoles too) Little Big Planet (although I'm not a fan of the PS3 game but people love it) There are Metal Gear games too if you like those types. I'm probably missing a few more but there is a lot to choose from.
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    Danke Boomer. Just wanted to thank all for the warm welcome back. Just a question, where's Herb, Ty and Alex? If it's something that can't be discussed, we'll just leave it at MIA =)
  20. My experiences with routers: D-Link: A friend has one here and she complained that it would drop her connection almost everyday and required a reboot. She gave up on it, but I was never a huge fan of D-Link anyways, they are okay at best Linksys: 4-port wired router, bulletproof as CrashGordon pointed out. I don't think I've rebooted mine in years, although I haven't changed my config on it in years. Low end Wireless G Linksys has caused me headaches so I gave it away (needed a reboot almost once a week) Netgear: Never needed to reboot this puppy at all. It's also the low end Wireless G version. Interface is as good as Linksys and easy to go through. Buffalo: I believe that this router is good due to DD-WRT firmware you can put on it. I've just seen people mention this but I have no experience with this. I've also see Engenius routers which are dirt cheap here for Wireless N and it is also DD-WRT firmware compatible. Thanks for this thread CrashGordon. I think I'm adding this to my shopping list =) I'd like to see more about the USB storage option, but I'll wait patiently and hope you have a chance to try this. I've always been a big fan of Netgear.
  21. I wish I worked on the Retention contract for TW/RR, I could definately be of help lol. RR/TW is good, but when you work in support, you see things differently sometimes. I wouldn't mind RR/TW if I lived in the states and it was a good deal.
  22. Bundle is the best way, and you're best to go back to each company you currently have service with, and state the pluses of each of the company's services (ie lowest rates from AT&T, call VZ and tell them this and hopefully this will help make the bundle be cheaper). I just remember calling Rogers and cancelling my Internet service over cable to DSL and they tried to make all types of deals with me, but I refused because they were capping downloads. Yeah 768 on 2 or more PCs would be quite bogged down, and if you're a gamer, it will lag at times too. I always have said that Internet should now be an essential service (at least for those who can't afford it and need to find a job). I hope you can find something that works for you. I know Rogers and Bell offer cell phone plans to be bundled with home service plans, so something else to keep in mind if you or your family member(s) have cell phones.
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    @ redeemed - I'm sorry if I forgot who you were. There's some bad stuff I've done during the past few years that has made me lose some brain cells, and old age is one of them lol. I'm glad to see some new faces since the old faces weren't doing anything for me lol. J/K all =D @ Big Bang - great to see you still around. You were always a great and fun person to have around. Also making us jealous of your toys. You still flying planes? Yeah, I feel great to be back and as soon as I settle down here, I'm going to be more active all around. No more work posting though, cuz I don't wanna mess things up =) Still haven't signed a lease but hopefully this changes tomorrow as I at least have a place in mind already. I wish one of you guys were in Montreal though. I did go look at 46" TVs and I'll probably end up making a thread about it since I kinda want some guidance, even though I know what I want. Anyhow, it's close to bed time for me, so until tomorrow folks! Thanks for moving and fixing up this thread mods! =)
  24. I guess it depends on family needs. I'm biased towards RR/TW since I used to work for their support, and I thought to myself that I would never get their service. If I did the same for Verizon, I'm sure I would say the same. In any case, I tried googling isps in your area, quickly with no luck on finding any. Your best bet may be to look at yellow pages or ask neighbours/friends/family in the area for choices. At least here in Canada, most of the cheaper DSL options require you to have your own modem but their rates are generally 5-10 cheaper than the big companies. Most of these cheaper DSL companies usually only offer phone service, so no cable TV or anything like this. Sorry for not being more helpful, but if you can survive AT&T's slow connection and it doesn't bother you too much, then I may stick with it, and save some more money this way (depending on how much cheaper it really is). I don't know that much about American ISPs. I've heard good things about speakeasy, going back a few years but unsure if they service your area, and it may be pricey compared to the prices you've listed. Who provides your TV service now, and do they offer Internet/Phone too? If you've had a long enough service with them, you may want to call customer service and ask for a bundle, then a discount for being with them so long. It works here with some of the bigger companies and you can easily save a good amount of money over a year. You can even maybe call another company and ask for a quote, and go back to your cable TV provider and say that you are thinking of switching to another company due to a better deal. These customer service people, I believe, usually have flexibility to give you a deal, as they are given a certain amount to play around with to help give better deals for existing customers (or retention as they call it).
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    shift, chc and boomer Please stay on topic =P lol It's great to see you guys, but I'll reply better on my thread. ^^^^^^^ ok some "idiot" admin decided to mess with my post! haha, j/k =) chc, boomer and shift, it's really great to see you guys, as mentioned. Redeemed? Someone changed their nick? CrashGordon!!! I'm glad you're here, as I used to see you on neowin so much, and you're a great person with loads of helpfulness. And of course D/MoM!!! Just some quick replies back, as I just took a break from walking about 2 hours. @ redeemed - Yeah, I agree in general that Acer isn't great in terms of quality builds. Trust me, I'm not a big fan of Acer myself (which owns Gateway anyways). I'm pretty happy with it, but ask me in about a year lol. Actually chc is such a picky person too lol. I had an Acer monitor that was okay, but I sold it due to buying a 26" @ boomer - I think both Gateway and Acer, in general, have the same build quality, acceptable. I didn't have a chance to try the Timeline fully, so I can't comment on comparisons of these two. The Gateway one was on sale so I got it instead (albeit refurbished). @ chc - I'm looking for love elsewhere but I'm glad to see some great people have continued to make aph a great place to share ideas, helpfulness, and having fun =D @ MoM - It's been way too long. I got laid off from my job in Ottawa. Then got transferred to Montreal site to work on something a little different, or similar to my original position in Ottawa. It's not really easy finding a job though, especially where you're located, but keep at it because you just never know. Even sometimes taking a job that isn't exactly what you're looking for, may eventually lead you to that, or something even better. Well gotta go continue to hunt for apartments and make phone calls. I'll be back hopefully later on in the week. Take care for now all, and it feels good to be back and posting with you guys!
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