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  1. Engineering is not that hardcore, imo. It's keeping those beers down that is the hardcore part I agree with opening the case, and realizing you need more stuff to put in there. Everyone can always use more space! Ooops sorry to add that in, as you may go get another HD
  2. Yeah, I'm about the same thoughts as yourself lukerman, only MGS4 right now. There are the other exclusives that I would like to play, but I bet they are fun for a bit and don't have lasting appeal. Both consoles pretty much have the same "A" titles, with a few that are exlusive must plays. Well, looks like I'm gonna have to wait a little longer before making my decision. Thanks for all your inputs.
  3. As I heard, Walmart takes care of their employees failry well, but I guess for individual things like this, it will be different, depending on management. I agree with some of those who said that you shouldn't take this abuse. I had complaints about my old job, and was coached several times for things too. I got tired of it all and I ended up looking for other jobs. You should definately follow up, but I think you've always known to look for other opportunity. The problem sometimes is that opportunity is not there, that is close by. Sometimes we need to just bite the bullet and continue on with the work. Of course, this is not good for the mental being of the person. I agree with Boomer. Be honest in your letter. Whether it portrays the fact that you are interested in continuing to work there, or not. Even tho this is Walmart (which I don't like how the company functions), it helps to speak the truth for the future employees, so they don't need to go through this mess. This is of course if Walmart will read your letter and actually make changes that may help, or they ignore it. I think it will be the latter, but I want to also think that I will be proved wrong. The option of staying or going is really up to you, within your letter. I can't believe that they punish you by making you stay home and "think" about what you did lol. What are we in high school? I can understand if they docked pay from you. I had this at my old job too, but I never had it happen to me (being suspended), although they didn't pay us for it. Good luck with it. If you need anything, you know where to reach me
  4. Yeah, we had some classes that had multiple midterms (one per month basically). Good time to skip one as they are worth only 10-15% (more than likely)? hehe.
  5. Sorry to hear about your HD. Is this the more recent gen of Samsungs or an older drive from 3 or more years? I'm not a big fan of modular, hence I don't have any modular PSUs Nothing wrong with them, just personal preference (knowing me, I will lose the cables I don't use and one day I will need them lol).
  6. Health Sciences I bet is a little time consuming. Partying is the hardcore part lol Shift! Bah, it's not too important anyways. Go drink some beers instead
  7. That 16GB flash drive is tiny compared to the 5TBs What are you planning to do with these drives? lol.
  8. Hehe, found HDMI cable cheap here this weekend. Superstore was selling a "PS3" HDMI cable for $7 @ 6ft. Too bad I discovered this after I ordered a couple from Monoprice lol. I also saw @ Superstore the Pro was $30 off MSRP Not too bad, but not as good as the Futureshop deal with two free games @ MSRP. I almost bought one yesterday =| Anyhow, I spoke to a few colleagues here and many are going towards PS3. I'll wait for more pples reaction. Both look great though, so it makes a tough decision.
  9. I don't know about my gaming TV. VGA input says it supports up to 1600x1200, but I have not fully played around with it yet. It has HDMI but I don't have any handy HDMI devices around. This is also a 22" TV, that just happens to have Composite, Comonent, HDMI and VGA (altho a cheapo brand TV). So I'm guessing in your experience, I probably shouldn't really pay that much attention to HD, even tho my TV is capable. I do have a 24" monitor tho, with the same inputs (plus it's a better panel). I do get what you mean about it tho ty. Thanks. I think FF XIII would be a game I wanna play, altho I'm not a huge fan of the newer FF. I guess I'm a little too old school, but they are still loads of fun. I guess 360 seems to be a good bet for buying. Anymore input I don't buy until Jasper is out sometime in the winter, more than likely. Good thing about the 360 is that I already have the two wireless controllers. But I do have Rockband 1 (for the PS2) equipment which would work with the PS3 (altho no backwards compatability) lol. [edit] Answered your question God after 1 minute of u posting lol I think the box advertised, 720p. Tho I need to check again.
  10. Okay, I'm going for one of those boxes that allows you to play video games on. I already have a Wii, so it's down to a PS3 or 360. The 360 is cheaper overall, and the PS3 has BR. I know it pretty much comes down to 360 Live or PS3 BR. Anyone who has seen a BR movie, can you say it is worth it over HDMI 720p? I don't really play online, and I don't really watch movies. So the two points there do not really count. I have a gaming PC, and most games that I want to play on the 360 are on PC. There are a handful that I would like to play though, but the PS3 has more exclusives (although they are not all "great" games). Anyone have both, or own one?
  11. I get around 9L/100KM on highway, which is what I do most of the time. 10L/100KM in city driving. Mitsubishi Lancer GTS 2008 Auto CVT
  12. Talk about immersion into the environment.
  13. I've got the Vostro 1500 & 8600M. The fan isn't annoying but you can hear it. The fan is actually not as annoying as my eeePC 701. This was playing one of the more recent Tomb Raiders with almost all details turned max @ 1280x800. Battery life and gaming kinda sux though. 450 for a battery =| yikes.
  14. Woohoo toys! Can't tell the size of the HD, but it looks like good equipment I like my first Cooler Master case. This one should be pretty good.
  15. I did poorly in the Sciences. In fact I did poorly overall in first year too much partying. Good lucks to yous all going back to school. Midterms should be coming up in a month
  16. For a small guy like me, that's quite a haul
  17. You're not that important are you? lol @ desktops
  18. Sounds to me like he might not be old enough to post on forums Unless maybe he's some really old person hehe
  19. Nice one guys! That's a great deal. SHC-boomer, you write like a 9 yr old lmao.
  20. I went to Carleton University for Computer Systems Engineering. I wanted to go to Waterloo or Queen's myself but money was the main problem for me.
  21. Yeah I think what MoM suggested looks good, although I don't know how it performs when actually in use. I saw these available at my local PC store. I would assume the Bamboo could do what you need. I just bought one for a friend but she uses it for doing photo editing and some graphic design work, not really for writing. I don't know about the writing part and how well it would perform.
  22. 64-bit OS will improve? Thanks Hops for the attachment. I wish I had a monitor/tv to display that kinda resolution.
  23. Yeah very much like my Lian-Li v2100. It's a humungous case, but it's not that heavy, due to the fact it's aluminum. I brought it down to my basement to install a PC in it. When trying to bring it back up the two floors, it was an incredible workout. Doesn't help I installed the HSF downstairs and put all 3 HDs in too lol.
  24. Bah, aren't we all used to paying 250+ for a motherboard these days XD By all, I mean enthusiasts. I've finally saved all my pennies and are ready to break the piggy bank for this.
  25. At this point, I feel Vista is a good alternative to XP. I have to admit though, my HD light goes crazy on Vista versus XP. A friend of mine said that Vista uses some form of SQL to store its search database, and obviously this uses more resources than what XP does, if it has any sort of feature. I say anyone running under 2GB, stick with XP/2000. 2GB or over, depending on the use, Vista is pretty good. I would still go with XP as a personal preference. I can't complain about Vista overall. Hope you found your drivers puner (from Hops' link).
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