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  1. RAWR FREAKING RAWR. Waited on line for the latest x-pac with a pack of friends. I never bought it. Holding out. RWARWARSD FSDFDsFDSds
  2. I think they just limit your internet use. I heard they even limit your character's process and gains if you play too much. Example: after 5 hours of gameplay, you earn 50% of intended exp and gold. Gaming rehab in Beijing, China I believe.
  3. It's not strong enough even for the average WoW gamer. I can't speak for the other mmorpg games but it shouldn't be enough for them to quit. I've bumped into a small number of people who have manged to balance everything to fit their WoW gaming hobby. It's a small number (single digit) but it seems to include people who can say no to others.
  4. They should have a program to help with leaving WoW. Like a rehab center. =) It's a huge problem.
  5. Man, everyone is up north. Chilling down here to Brooklyn, NY. Maybe I'll get the chance to drive up there.
  6. I also saw that link earlier. I think it was one of the triggers that has brought me to quitting. I think it's just really hard due to the amount of people that also play. Real life and the people that you meet in game really makes it hard to quit. I really don't want to be the only person in a dinner that doesn't talk about the newest experiences in WoW. Eh, I'm like working out a 12-step program to just give it up slowing before the newest x-pac. Maybe I'll pick this crap up again after the US markets figures out their crap.
  7. I have returned from a life of World of Warcraft. Break out the drinks. It's a sick game. I really think Blizzard (Company that created WoW) owns me. As far back as I can remember in my gaming life, I have spend a good amount of time playing games made from that group. Although it's not just me getting sucked in. It's more of a group thing within my inner circle of friends. Peer pressure most of the time. Anyways, I've decided to quit WoW when the newest expansion is out. Even though I've paid for the end of the year, I wanted to prove to myself some self-control. It's been close to two years since I've started. My life has revolved around the game. Dinners, late night snacks, classes, personal events have all been effected in some way within these last two years. It's really a drug. Horrible drug. Well, I'll be around. (Maybe a bit more then my old self)
  8. 50 seconds. Seems kind of fast for me. Stock everything.
  9. Asus Striker also supports Core2Quad I believe. Going at 400 a piece. I can't see this 4x4 design of AMD beating the Quads or C2D models. Size, power, as well as price to consider over the Intel solution just doesn't seem to be worth it. Would be nice to see 4x4 vs Intel's Quad. Although I think that Quads would top the 4x4.
  10. Hmm, suggesting how others should improve themselves based on what you think.. is a no-no. It might as well be a group of high school girls.. Have you gone so low? I'm sure there's alot of things I could think of that you lack but you wouldn't want to hear that from me. I'm sure Ty doesn't either. Side note.. You treat this forum way too much like a chatting client. If Aph had a irc channel, I'm sure you would enjoy that very much.
  11. Totally didn't know mines was animated.. Can't believe someone else noticed it. **Looks at Avatar**
  12. Looks nice, looking forward to the review. Any chance of the MX review coming soon as well? Edit//Forgot an letter..
  13. Very nice. Can't wait for the reviews. You're going to have loads of fun switch the boards with all your parts.
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