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Life's Great

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For the first time in my life I'm actually enjoying life without the stress and addictiveness of games. Thank god I didn't buy that WoW 60-day game card, or buy into EVE Online, or Second Life which were all pursuaded by some usual nerds I know.



*On my arcade life at the Gateway*


Time Crisis IV was somewhat easier than the second (which I kept hitting that stupid hostage girl who wouldn't die from my 5 headshots). I thought Terror Bites were an awesome addition, except that it's kind of dumb that a 12-gauge shotgun (I assume 12-gauge) can rip off a million mosquito's. What was really funny is that a bunch of noobs didn't know how to switch weapons so they used their pistol on the beetle bites at the airport :D


Omg House of Dead 4 is so much easier than everything else. But graphics upped, ALOT. The moth thing was absolutely beautiful, but it's so completely lacking compared to the flying thing with exposed organs and tissues from the second version. The nades are awesome, except my nade button stopped working in the middle of the game :D Too bad there was no recoil like Time Crisis IV, it's using a fricken uzi man, the in-game gun fires keep going up but your gun is static, which is really werd :\

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