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A random argument

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What kind of cheese? You know the little "Swiss Knight" cheese spread wheels? Wine flavored omg I cannot have enough of that. You should just try eating individual wedges, don't bother spreading them :D

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I will now officially join this useless argument :P

Firstly, Alex said: "^Officially proclaimed 'Village Idiot'."


Proclamation of 'village idiot' is undefined nor specified by a singular term nor a generalized term. This can be demonstrated without using terms such as "a" or "the" prior to 'Village Idiot'. However, building upon your thought of "I'll take that as a compliments, seeing i'm apparently now part of the village" (Post 5) indicates your specification of a specific reference term of the. Thus, without contradicting since as before what Alex said is an undefinied variable, where defined later in your post, can thus be said as The old abandoned village which is overflowing with idiots. (Post 6).


In the same post by Alex, the following were mentioned: "Maybe one day you'll become part of APH City."


The usage of time is an indication of future tense. You will is future tense and reinforced by word usage of "maybe one day"; meaning that it has not happened at the moment. If you study the formation of cities or otherwise urbanization, an urban area does not start off with a couple million people. Starting with a village (A group of families or individuals living together to sharing certain resources) and then eventually become a city is a chronological line. A futher emphasis is seen in the italicized city.


By utilization of a figure of speech, is not 'technically improper'. The reason goes with English literature, where annotation exists for a reason. Words can be defined by diction or a symbolic representation. If you analyze the words "town" and "city", the meaning could be vastly different than literal sense. Don't take things literally.


Therefore the juxtapositioning of "city" and "town" is an excellent implementation.


If I bothered reading that, does not mean you actually won. The same reason exists because you composed the post, so it originated from you, not the reader. A depicted meaning behind must be made into a matter of literal sense from a non-literal device.

It's not untolerably long, but it is pretty stupid. :wub:

While we are on topic, let's observe the effects of punctuation.


I helped my uncle, Jack, off a horse.


Is pretty much the same as, for literal meaning:


I helped my uncle, jack, off a horse


But when pronounced, the significant of the pause:


I helped my uncle jack off a horse


I helped my uncle, jack, off a horse.


Makes a difference. You might want to consider both.

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Haha, I just noticed this:


<< Removed: Next time PM an mod >>


Did you type that yourself? Because I'm pretty sure that the forum mods aren't DUMB enough to make that kind of error.

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