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Star Trek Trivia!

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Welcome to my Star Trek Original Version Trivia! Just how knowledgable are you in the world of Star Trek? I have set a series of questions to test how much of a Star Trek fan you are! I'll give five easy questions first. There are no rules (that means you can go browsing for answers), and best of all, there are no prizes! Its just for the sake of it.


1. What Starship does Captain James T. Kirk command?


2. What is its serial number?


3. What does U.S.S stand for?


4. What position does Mr. Spock hold on the starship which Captain James T. Kirk command?


5. Name 2 humanoids besides humans in accordance with those mentioned in the first season?


I will show answers after somebody made an attempt on the questions.


Lemme try...


1. Titanic


2. 911


3. Universally Stupid Sidekicks


4. Janitor


5. Ur mom and Bob the Builder




I don't think you even watch Star Trek...


My next series of questions!


1. Which crew member on the Enterprise is capable of using the Vulcan Mind-melding technique?


2. What is the substance corbermite (if it is spelt correctly)?


3. Which race of people has the cloaking technology?


4. What skin colour do the Andorians have?


5. What skills do the Talosians have?



1. Hello Kitty


2. Feces


3. African ppl


4. Burned red


5. The ability to urinate on themselves

well try these then:


1. According to Mr. Chekov, who invented Scotch?


2. What do the warp engines run on?


3. Why do the Vulcans show no emotion?


4. What are the primary weapons of the Starship Enterprise?


5. What is the name of the first Cheron encountered upon a Federation being?



1. Dora the Explorer


2. "Natural" gas


3. Botox injections in the rump


4. Pillow cases filled with feathers


5. Susan

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soulhunter4444, good try but incorrect. the answers for the third set are:

1. The Old Lady in Leningrad

2. antimatter

3. it is illogical

4. phasers and photon torpedoes

5. umm... I forgot

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of course I am! that is my point! and soulhunter4444 thinks he's not, because he thinks he's so smart and have same authority and sense of "personal rights" as his parents.

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