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I got it today. I could say it's perfect.




Those 3 triangles aren't like what I suppose to thought.

I thought it'll be like solid soft foam, but it's from a tiny layer of stich rubber. So elastic and tiny.

Firstly I was affraid like "WTH, so thin, how it'll block the noise?"

But when I put it deep inside, it's protect my ears the same like Factory's earplug.

And the sound pretty decent.


This earphones suit me the perfectly, I'm so glad. I could say it's the best one if we're talking about Isolator Earphone.

I haven't tried Shure one (which is way way more expensive), but I believe, judge from the design, ER6i is dedicated for that purpose (For noise blocker).


The wire is so tiny, (sexy xD), even I'm affraid if accidentally it stucked somewhere, and broke easily...


It came up with 3 extra earbud (all different type).

The default has 3 rubber layers.

And as the bonus:

1. With 2 layers.

2. With 2 layers, but smaller size.

3. Foam (rectangle foam, solid) <- my favorite, since it's very soft and comfy.


But I keep the foam, since it'll get dirty easily... x_X


It takes me about 15 minutes to try to fit it in my ears perfectly, and finally I figured how to do that in most efficient way.


Since it's an 'in-deep' earphones, I don't think it'll suit with anyone.

But if you are, it's a good stuff. Doesn't hurt, and it's not tickling your ears (Unless you're gag.. lol, you could feel it).


The Bass problem (like review says), it doesn't appear.

With EQ control, with 5 value in 80 HZ channel, and Bass Boost On, the bass is perfectly fine.


I don't need earplug anymore in my super noisy heavy machinary workplace xD


PF: Sorry if it has a lot of grammar problems, lol. I'm not native english speaker xD


Okay very good; now don't ever consider upgrading unless you're looking to go into a hobby debt >:S


Also they're called bi flanges or triple flanges.

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