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FM Transmitters

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Ok bump old topic lol.


I see belkin is connected through the output port for earphone.


I bought another "For All" FM transmitter, for 20$, and it was... nasty.

The sound is very ugly, and the bass is completely... cracked up. Beside, I have to turn the volume nearly to max, to get a proper clearity.


Does the Transmitter also have an effect in the Quality in voice?


It's been a year since this thread made. But until today, it's still very hard to find an FM transmitter that design specially for Zen:M

I hate iPod who have everything... >(


I just found this one.


It cost about 60$. And it's docked from the data port.


For you, belkin user, how's the Bass doing?

Can you turn the volume like crazy without any problem?

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Check ebay for what? o.o;


And yup, mine is Vision:M.


It's not like how to buy this thing, but just for those who using transmitter FM for their Zen in their car.


I tried this



But the quality is... really... ugly.

I can tweak for the trible, but the bass is sounds like an empty can.


I also confuse, does the quality of the audio also depend on Transmitter itself? (the quality).

And does it make a different, for transmitter who use earphone output, with the one that use a data port (like this DLO).

Because I also found a transmitter who just use an earphone output port for it, but it cost about 50-60 $ too, like Keningston.

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Yes that is a big thing but it also involves factors like Distortions in signal. Quality of MP3 Player. Distance from Radio!

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I got it today too.


It's well... I could say it's very good as a transmitter.

Even there are some problems bother me.


1. The Bass still a lil bit too 'raw' and 'hard' (I don't know how to say it, hard bass, and soft bass). But it's acceptable for me.

2. Sometimes I still could hear a static noise... like a plastic sounds... "Krckzkkvzkvkxkrrkxkxk." But not that noticable, and only appears if the car is off and in quiet place. You can't hear it at all while you're driving.

3. The jack for to put it into our car's cigar lighter's port, it's VERY HARD to put it in and take it out x_X

(I was affraid to break it T_T), but then I can figured how to do it safely.

4. Since this transdock doesn't have a docker where I could keep my player stand upon it, it's kinda hard for a car that doesn't have a rack, to lay it down, because the port is plugged on the bottom of the player.


If I want to stand it on my coins case, or cup holder, I have to put it upside down (unless you don't bother if the port and the wire are pressed on the bottom)


But I just put it laid in passanger seat if i'm alone.


I was need an hour playing with the equalizer setting both my car's audio and the mp3 player to get the best sound, and I did.

The stereo also works very good. The balance too.

The Volume Setting from the player doesn't affect the output sound (it's cool).

So the volume is default adjusted as loud as the local FM & CD player.

It's almost as good as local FM radio station (except the bass quality). Or maybe it just my car's audio lol.


I'll keep this. I'm happy :S

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One thing though, the SNR is not that good on any FM transmitters. Also, DAPs aren't really good when the output is maximized (Especially on the ZVM) so a good balance would be:


Volume: 18/25

EQ Off


Would create much nicer balance.

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What is SNR?


And like I said, this DLO Transmitter, doesn't affected by the ADP's volume setting.

It's fix in one standart, the same level with CD player and FM radio. And it's very good (just need to set the EQ setting from ADP and your stereo for personal taste).

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So it happens in mostly FM transmitter? That tiny static noise.


And btw, my car's stereo is default by Toyota. It's really standart I know, if only I have 6-8 Equalizer Setting on it xD

It just have BASS and TREB setting... yes just 2. (from -5 to +5)

But somehow I managed it, combined with the Eq Setting from ZVM for the best result x_X



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