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[Game] If cars were named like computers

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Since computer suffixes is named quite like cars (Eg. 8800GTX), what if it was the other way around? Post yours, just randomly pull any car :P


If they were named like ATI graphics cards...


Honda Accord SE (There's one already lol)

Honda Accord

Honda Accord Pro

Honda Accord XT

Honda Accord XTX


If they were like NVIDIA stuff...


Honda Accord

Honda Accord GS

Honda Accord GT

Honda Accord GT OC

Honda Accord GTS

Honda Accord GTS OC

Honda Accord GTX

Honda Accord GTX OC

Honda Accord Ultra

Honda Accord Ultra OC


If they have the Asus naming scheme...


Honda Accord-X

Honda Accord-SE

Honda Accord-VM

Honda Accord-C

Honda Accord-E

Honda Accord-E Plus

Honda Accord Deluxe

Honda Accord3 Deluxe

Honda Accord Premium

Honda Accord-WS Pro

Honda Superelitecar Formula

Honda Superelitecar Extreme



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lol if it follows OCZ: :)


Dodge Caliber 50hp value series

Dodge Caliber 50hp value pro series dual car

Dodge Caliber 50hp engine elite dual car

Dodge Caliber 100hp highway upgrade dual car

Dodge Caliber 100hp highway performance dual car

Dodge Caliber 120hp special ops edition dual car

Dodge Caliber quad car kit

Dodge Caliber 140hp gold dual car

Dodge Caliber 140hp platinum edition rev 2

Dodge Caliber 140hp honda certified edition

Dodge Caliber 140hp toyota certified edtion

Dodge Caliber 160hp titanium alpha dual car

Dodge Caliber 160hp reaper hpc dual car

Dodge Caliber 180hp flex xlc dual car



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