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Getting IP using Winsocket

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you can also get your IP using winsocket.


Right-click @ all the buttons ->Components -> Scroll down to "Microsoft Winsock Control 6.0 (SP6)" -> Click ->Ok

you'll now get 2 computers left to the OLE button, click the computers/winsock control and place it in the form

Next make a text box/ label, your choice. I'll be using a textbox.

Now double click at the form.


Private Sub Form_Load()
Text1.Text = Winsock.LocalIP
End Sub

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Acctually i posted the post @ this topic

So i cant change the title/text, since a mod. moved this post to a sparate topic :P


But yes, its VB6 ;D



All you need to do is make a WinSock Control, and a textbox.

Double click anywhere in the form and paste the code.

Then press F5(or the "play" button)


Then the textbox will show your IP...

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