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So I bought the new Kelly Clarkson album

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Which adds to my retail collection ;) (All my others were digital purchases, but it's more fun to buy it in retail :P ) Got in on March 10th, release day LOL




I had to admit, the cover is so, um, girly, pop, 1970's, that even I was almost embarrassed to buy it haha. And there's not a lot of things I was embarrassed to buy... and the cashier had interesting looks :(

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;) I had to say it... I am Impressed. I actually Bought one the other day Since you bought one. People gave me Odd Looks when I play it in my car with the Windows down.

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I would call it quite an average album -- pretty generic pop to some extents. The Katy Perry sourced tracks are just annoying, I'd avoid them.


Personally I thought My December is a truly excellent album in many dimensions, but it was a sales flop because a lot of people are too shallow to understand it (And I wouldn't exactly called it deep... but it's artistic and a blend of various styles for a very unique album and no generic pop crap in almost the entire album, with good lyrics, good tunes -- you probably won't like it the first or second time, but it really grows and it doesn't go old like some songs that implements a lot of hooks) anywho, I won't get into the details but the ironic thing is that in All I Ever Wanted the 'good' songs that many commented on are the styles that are present in songs from My December ;)


Anywho, from my list:


Generic but catchy:

- My Life Would Suck Without You (Seriously the title has issues and implements incredibly shallow lyrics)

- If I Can't Have You


Pretty good:

- Cry

- All I Ever Wanted

- Impossible


Very Good:

- Save You


My personal favorite:

- Already Gone (I really like it haha :P )

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