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Yikes and WOW...

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I got this off Woot, they said they would include the woot lights, and other random crap. Well, this is what they came up with:




I'm sorry I can't get a better picture. My camera is acting up for some odd reason, anyway...


Starting at the front (right), I have Team America World Police, Superbad, and Blades of Glory.


The Targus pouch on the left (bottom), is for cell phones, mice, and whatnot.


The Mustek PowerMust 400Plus is a battery backup with 400VA/240W (might put this on my server, as it uses little power)


And of course you see the woot lights, they are usb powered. (quite annoying as they let a little whine when running...)



I only paid $8 for this, good haul I say...

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It was $8 with shipping, it was like $3 or something without.


Woot-Off Lights

You ordered 1 Pair of USB Powered Woot-Off Lights.

You ordered 1 Crappy Anniversary Promotion (see below).

which each cost $3.00

for a subtotal of $3.00

plus shipping + $5.00

for a total of $8.00

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