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Jail time for woman driving drunk and distracted with learner’s permit

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EDMONTON - A young woman with a learner’s licence who injured herself and four passengers while driving drunk while she fiddled with the stereo in an unregistered car with no headlights and lousy brakes was sentenced to 10 months in jail Wednesday.

Court heard that Chrissy Gray Anderson, now 22, had a blood-alcohol level that was three times the legal limit just after midnight on Oct. 29, 2012 when she skidded off of 66th Street near 38th Avenue and slammed into a street light pole, according to an agreed statement of facts.

“You were a serious danger to yourself, the people in your car and anyone who happened to be in your path that night,” provincial court Judge Marilena Carminati told Anderson after she pleaded guilty to impaired driving causing bodily harm.

Anderson, a mother of two, suffered a broken leg and a fractured pelvis when her drivers’ door slammed into the pole that night, Though she was the most seriously injured, her four passengers, between 15 and 22 years old, suffered various injuries, including a dislocated hip, a broken collarbone and scalp lacerations.

One of Anderson’s passengers said she was driving 80 kilometres an hour in a 60 km/h zone with her headlights off when the crash occurred.

Anderson was also “attempting to change the music on a smartphone connected to the car’s stereo system” in the moments before she lost control, Crown prosecutor Damian Rogers told court.

With a learner’s licence for only two months, Anderson was supposed to have an adult supervisor and was banned from driving after midnight.

One alcohol bottle was found outside the car and an open container of “adult chocolate milk” was found inside, Rogers said.

When interviewed by police, Rogers told court, Anderson blamed her friends for the crash. “She told police her friends knew how drunk she was and shouldn’t have let her drive.”

She also told investigators she knew the brakes on her Ford Taurus were horrible. The right front brakes were completely shot and those on the left were 95 per cent gone. Also, her car was not registered or insured.

Anderson served 80 days of pre-trial custody and now has 220 days left to serve.

She is also banned from driving for 18 months and will be on probation for a year after her release.



Yep, definitely worst driver ever :lol:

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