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AIDA64 4.00 now available for download

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As part of the official mirrors :)


New features & improvements
  • OpenCL GPGPU Benchmark Suite
  • Optimized 64-bit benchmarks for AMD "Kaveri" and "Bald Eagle" APUs
  • Razer SwitchBlade LCD support
  • Optimized benchmarks for Intel "Bay Trail" SoC
  • Improved support for Intel Atom C2000 "Avoton" and "Rangeley" SoC
  • Preliminary support for Intel Quark X1000 "Clanton" SoC
  • Improved support for OpenCL 2.0
  • Support for VirtualBox v4.3 and VMware Workstation v10
  • OCZ Vector 150 and Samsung XP941 SSD support
  • GPU details for AMD Radeon R5, R7, R9 Series
  • GPU details for nVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 Ti and GeForce GTX 780 Ti

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Cool! I have Extreme Engineer. Do I upgrade to Engineer or Extreme?

That's Confusing lol. No more Business mirror?

Edited by Big Bang

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Depends how far back :P According to FinalWire themselves...




Benchmark results are fully comparable to AIDA64 v3.20 and v3.00, except for on AMD Kaveri and Intel Bay Trail where benchmark results became a lot better due to heavy optimizations ;)

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