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Canada's Best and Worst Premiers Since 1981

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Some interesting points:



The study only assesses four current premiers but concludes that of those, Saskatchewan’s Brad Wall of the right-wing Saskatchewan Party is at the top while Ontario’s Kathleen Wynne, a Liberal, takes last place.



Overall, the study suggests Alberta has had the best set of premiers since 1981, followed by British Columbia and Ontario; Quebec’s premiers as a group were in last place.


However, if you actually look at the rankings on the site: http://aha.world/premier-cards/


Alison Redford: 4th

Ed Stelmach: 9th

Don Getty: 16th

Greg Selinger: 34th

Bob Rae: 35th

Peter Lougheed: 58th


lol this is kind of funny. Greg Selinger is pretty unpopular in Manitoba (WIth a crap economic record to boot), Bob Rae is simply infamous and should have been at the bottom, Don Getty couldn't handle the economy, Alison Redford pretty much was the last straw for the PCs, Ed Stelmach was fairly incompetent, while Peter Lougheed -- who started the whole PC dynasty in Alberta -- is ranked almost last. I think they definitely screwed up.

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Lol Peter Lougheed's placement was probably more surprising for me. And to see Red-Ford placed so high... must be in relation to the "high" status of another Ford >_> *cough* Rob *cough*

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