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Chinese Scions' Song: My Daddy's Rich and My Lamborghini's Good-Looking

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Some highlights from the article:



Andy Guo, an 18-year-old Chinese immigrant, loves driving his red Lamborghini Huracán. [...] The car is more fashion than function. “I have a backpack, textbooks and laundry, but I can’t fit everything inside,” he lamented.



Among the curious was Jin Qiao, 20, a baby-faced art student who moved to Vancouver from Beijing six years ago with his mother. During the week, Mr. Jin drives one of two Mercedes-Benz S.U.V.s, which he said were better suited for the rigors of daily life.

But his most prized possession is a $600,000 Lamborghini Aventador Roadster Galaxy, its exterior custom wrapped to resemble outer space.



Ms. Wang, a star on the online reality show “Ultra Rich Asian Girls of Vancouver,” normally drives her parents’ Ferrari or Mercedes-Maybach when she visits them in Shanghai. But in Canada, her parents gave her a strict car budget of 150,000 Canadian dollars ($115,000), so she drives the less-flashy Audi RS5.


Four years ago, to learn the value of money after her friends criticized her spending habits, Ms. Wang spent three days on the streets of Vancouver, playing homeless. She said she had left her mansion with no phone, identification or wallet, wearing Victoria’s Secret pajamas and $1,000 Chanel shoes.


Man, I really feel for them. It must really suck not to be able to fit your backpack in a Lamborghini. Or that kid who has a strict budget of only $150,000 CAD for a car. :(


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I wish I had strict car budgets of $150000 from my parents when I was 18



I'd take that strict car budget at any age. :P

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