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May 2017 Review Plans

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This month is going to be good. Just got a new round of arrangements. Here's what's confirmed or semi-confirmed:


First, Tesoro has some new earphones called the Tuned In-Ear Pro. It's not assigned to anyone yet.


Secondly, Loftek has a new mini LED floodlight. A good follow up to the floodlight I covered a few months ago. Either Ben or Seth will take that.


For SilverStone, they got a bunch of new products. I just received replacement for the defective LED lights Hai is reviewing. In addition, Aaron is getting the new PM01 RGB case, which features full tempered glass side panels. They also got an ES02-USB and TS11-C, and possibly the TS12, for Ben and Hai.


Fnatic Gear recently released their RUSH Pro keyboard -- still one of my favorite keyboards despite the lower score -- with new Cherry MX Red silent keys. I'll be reviewing that.


Roccat has three new products: Kone Pure Owl Eye, Isku+ Force FX, and Leadr. Aaron, Ben, and I, respectively, will be covering those products.


ASUSTOR and QNAP both has new NAS in their lineup. They are still pending, but I will be taking both when they come in.


SteelSeries has a new RGB mousepad called the QcK Prism. That will be Aaron's thing.


Lastly, V-MODA released the Crossfade Wireless II. With no questions asked, I called dibs on that :D

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:) This month is going to be a crazy big month haha. So much excite for all the new products coming in.

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Maybe APH will becoming a wireless networking website :P

;) You could be quite qualified to run one.

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