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Nest Thermostat 3rd Generation

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Decided to pick up a Nest Thermostat 3rd Generation over the weekend. Rona was doing a sale for around $260, while Home Depot was selling it for a regular price of $330. With the $60 difference, I went to Home Depot for a price match. Apparently they had no idea how the price matching worked, so instead of giving me 10% of the difference (ie., an extra $6 off) they took 10% of the total and I ended up getting it for just under $250 with GST. Combined with the $100 government eco rebate, $150-ish dollars for a smart thermostat is a great deal in my opinion. Probably pays for itself in under a year :lol:

Upgraded from one of these:


Installation was quite simple. I pulled it off the wall and looked at some of the wires:


Next, I wired it up in the same way to the Nest baseplate:


Flipped the breaker and everything is now back online:


The installation process was extremely simple, and the setup process was also very user-friendly. The hardware build quality is also excellent. Just connect it to Wi-Fi and it will update the firmware when the system is idling rather than during initial setup to prevent any annoying slow downs. Everything tested to be working well at first shot, and I made it display the weather forecast as the default screen as you walk by.

So far, I found the system to be great. It's still learning our habits, but it's super simple to use and loaded with features that I would not otherwise expect in a simple thermostat. The sensor accuracy is also way better than my old school thermostat. It's nice that everything can be controlled via the app. If you're not a fan of installing another app on your phone, you can do configurations on your internet browser.


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nest/ecobee is great. I use ecobee for the alexa integration and more sensors than nest

quick tip chc, the nest should auto jump rh and rc. id remove the wire if I were you




Don’t enter jumper wires:

wires-from-wall.pngIf your thermostat has a short “jumper” wire between two connectors, don’t include that wire; only enter the labels for wires coming from inside your wall that are attached to the thermostat. For instance, in the illustration on the right, you would only enter Rh, Y1, G and C wires into the checker. You would not enter Rc in the checker, because it is only connected by a jumper.


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Really good haha. I left the house for a few hours on Friday and it correctly detected it. The rest of the time, someone was at home and never did it false once.

Also, today I realized my house has 5 wires already installed and I can actually install a common 24V wire to ensure a constant power supply to the Nest rather than it stealing power from the furnace. It probably won't be an issue in the winter, but I'm afraid it might start pulsing my furnace in the spring or fall (where we can go for days without heat or A/C) to charge its internal battery.

As such, I looked at my furnace's control board and found the C wire header. A black wire of the 5-wire bundle is not connected, so I stripped the header to expose some copper and connected it to the board.


Next, I connected the black wire to the C port of the Nest:


It's back!


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