Amazon Rolls Out Live Tracking for All US Deliveries

From PC Mag: In November last year, Amazon started experimenting with a new delivery feature called Amazon Map Tracking. It allowed select customers to access live tracking information about the package they had ordered. It was possible to see the route your delivery driver was taking and how many stops there were before your package arrives.

This week, Amazon Map Tracking got rolled out for all Amazon deliveries within the US, giving customers considerably more information about what's happening to their order and when exactly it's going to arrive on their doorstep.

The new Gmail steals some great ideas and invents some fresh ones

From PC World: In April, Google launched its first major Gmail redesign since 2013, and in a sense it was an acknowledgement of all the ways Google had fallen behind.

Nvidia Shield updates to Android TV Oreo 8.0 with custom menus

From CNET: The expensive, geek-friendly Nvidia Shield TV streamer can pretty much do it all, but until now its menu system hasn't been as customizable as those of competitors Apple TV and Roku.

That changes with the latest software update, which brings the new version of Google's Android TV operating system, 8.0 aka Oreo, and with it a revamped home page.

EA Acquires GameFly's Cloud Gaming Tech

From PC Mag: This week, Electronic Arts announced the acquisition of GameFly's cloud gaming technology assets and personnel in what looks like a bid to take a more active role in offering access to games in the cloud.

For many, GameFly is remembered as a service offering game rentals by mail for a whole range of consoles and handheld hardware. More recently, the company targeted cloud gaming, offering a growing range of games playable through a set top box, streaming stick, or smart TV. The only other piece of kit required was a controller.

No, Asus didn't cancel Radeon-exclusive Arez GPUs

From PC World: On Monday, a slew of websites published news stories about the death of the Radeon-exclusive Arez GPU brand, which the @Asus_Arez Twitter account heralded in the wake of Nvidia ending the GeForce Partner Program. One problem: That account wasn’t run by Asus, as you could tell if you paid attention to the logo and actual words of the poorly faked Arez handle.

Nintendo now sells Switch solo, minus dock

From CNET: Want an additional Nintendo Switch game system but without a cumbersome dock? You may not have long to wait. Nintendo Japan just unveiled a Switch package that will come all the gear needed to link to home entertainment systems.

Typically that would include a dock cradle, power cord, HDMI cable, etc. Priced lower (24,980 yen) than the full version (29,980 yen), the kit includes the Switch body, Joy-Con controller, and Joy-Con Strap.

Sony: PS4 Is Entering Final Phase of Life Cycle

From PC Mag: For this generation of console hardware, Sony has been a clear winner when compared to its only real rival Microsoft. Nintendo is making up lost ground with the Switch, but it won't catch the PS4 before Sony shifts its focus to what comes next. And the question of what next isn't that far away based on recent comments by Sony Interactive Entertainment president John Kodera.

Intel and Micron announce QLC dies, which means SSDs are about to get a lot bigger

From PC World: SSDs are about to get a whole lot bigger and a whole lot cheaper. Intel and Micron on Monday afternoon announced the delivery of the industry's first Quad-Level Cell NAND dies, which will offer a third more space than previous technology.

QLC technology stores four bits per cell on a NAND cell, which is a significant increase over today's common TLC (Triple-Level Cell) NAND.

Xiaomi Mi 8 coming on May 31, follow up to great budget Mi 6

From CNET: Chinese mobile-device maker Xiaomi delivers some excellent budget phones which have thus far not been easily available in the US; given the rumor that they'll be venturing onto our shores as early as this year, hopefully the 8th-anniversary Mi 8 the company teased for a May 31 launch will be the first.

The follow up to the Mi 6, which we called "the best phone you can't get," the Mi 8 is reported to have:

Do you plan to buy a 360 degree camera sometime soon?


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