The all-screen BlackBerry we were promised is here... sort of

From CNET: Two months ago, we learned that a new, all-screen BlackBerry phone would head our way in October, and on the last day of the month, it finally has. But "our way" has a limited meaning, and in some ways, the phone might not quite be the showstopper we were hoping for.

Called the BlackBerry Motion, it's the first BlackBerry phone to repel water and dust with its IP67 rating. It's also got the largest battery of any BlackBerry at 4,000mAh -- that's expected to last more than a day on a single charge.

For now it seems like the BlackBerry Motion is only headed to Canada, where it will sell online with Koodo, and in some Telus, Bell and SaskTel stores starting Nov. 10. And the cost? About $600... Canadian, which is about $465, £355 or AU$610.

While the BlackBerry Motion has decent-sounding specs, its limited availability means it isn't going to be the BlackBerry that takes the KeyOne and its physical keyboard to the next level around the globe. For a brand that's trying to get back on track after so many years floundering to regain its footing, these phones will have to spread far and wide -- and impress.

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