OnePlus 5T rumors: Everything you need to know

From CNET: Rumors about the new OnePlus 5T have reached the tipping point: OnePlus has all but confirmed the phone's existence in a massive tease... of teas.

Before we get to that, some background. Since the most recent device, the OnePlus 5, became unavailable on the company's website a few weeks ago, phone-watchers began speculating about a newer version taking its place. Since then we've seen possible renders and hardware specs.

But hang on a sec; didn't the OnePlus 5 release just a few months ago this summer? That may not be too soon for OnePlus, which released the 3T follow up to the OnePlus 3 just a few months later (there was no OnePlus 4). The OnePlus 3 appeared in June 2016 and the 3T showed up that November, so we're close to the one-year anniversary of OnePlus' first "T" phone.

A Chinese phone maker with global appeal, OnePlus has quickly made a name for itself undercutting traditional high-priced, marquee phones from Apple and Samsung with cheaper Android devices that share similar specs and perform just as well, typically sharing the same Qualcomm chip. For example, last June's OnePlus 3 was powerful enough to beat rival phones like the Galaxy S7 and LG G5 in benchmark tests, but at a retail price of $399 (£309 or about AU$590), it was an absolute bargain.

OnePlus hasn't made the 5T official by any means (despite the teasers), so it's strictly in the rumor zone for now. Still, we're expecting an avalanche of teasers and clues. Until OnePlus gives us all the official goods, we've collected some of the most interesting tidbits below.

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