A judge has blocked Ring from selling its security system pending the outcome of a lawsuit

From The Verge: In October, home device maker Ring unveiled a new security system called Ring Protect, designed to tie together a home’s cameras, lights, and doorbells. Last week, a judge ordered Ring to stop selling products at the center of an ongoing lawsuit brought by security company ADT, pending its resolution.

Earlier this year, ADT filed a lawsuit against Ring, alleging that the company misused proprietary information that it received when it acquired another home device maker, Zonoff, when that company went under earlier this year. Ring hired around 75 employees from the defunct company, including its CEO, Mike Harris. In its lawsuit, ADT — which invested $36 million in Zonoff — alleges that Harris and Ring used Zonoff’s Z1 software in its devices, software that rightfully belongs to ADT. Ring claims that the software was included in their deal. The case went to trial in September, but according to CNET, the court has yet to make a decision.

However, the court has ordered that the company halt all sales of devices using the disputed intellectual property, pending the court’s decision. The order could keep the devices off the market during the coming holiday season.

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