Google’s Pixel Buds have started shipping

From The Verge: It might feel like Google is following Apple’s script right now: remove the headphone jack from your flagship phone, ship the phone with a depressingly bad dongle adapter, and announce a new pair of revolutionary Bluetooth headphones to divert the you-caused frustrations of your customers into additional retail transactions. But Google took things to a whole new level with the Pixel 2: it didn’t even include a cheap pair of USB-C headphones. For all I know, many Pixel 2 owners have never even heard music.

Well, the silence is finally coming to an end. As reported on Android Police and 9to5Google, early orders of Google Pixel Buds are now shipping. From shipping confirmation screenshots, it appears the $159 headphones will arrive somewhere around the middle of this week.

The bad news is that if you didn’t drop $159 back in early October, sight-unseen, and now you’re regretting that decision, it’ll be over a month until new Pixel Bud orders start shipping, according to Google’s retail site.

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