Microsoft, ESET Work With Law Enforcement to Disrupt Gamarue Botnet

From eWeek: Microsoft and security firm ESET announced on Dec. 4 that the companies have been cooperating with international law enforcement agencies for more than a year to disrupt a sprawling botnet, known as Gamarue.

Gamarue—a crime kit that is known on Internet underground marketplaces as the Andromeda bot—has infected, or attempted to infect, more than 1 million machines each month on average, Microsoft stated in an announcement on Dec. 4. The botnet mainly targets victims in Asian nations with India, Indonesia, Turkey, the Philippines and Mexico topping the list of impacted countries.

The bot software, which is detected by ESET as TrojanDownloader.Wauchos, has been under investigation by the two firms for more than a year, Jean-Ian Boutin, senior malware researcher at ESET, stated in an analysis of the malware.

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