Google TV Personalized Profiles Finally Start Rolling Out

From PC Mag: The long-awaited ability to have more than one profile associated with Google TV is finally rolling out.

As The Verge reports(Opens in a new window), users should now have access to multiple profiles on their Google TV device, but some apps may require a reboot or reinstallation to trigger the latest feature. Once live, you'll be prompted to add a Google account per user, each of which can be customized with separate watchlists and smart recommendations based on personal viewing habits.

Following the launch of kids profiles in March 2021, the video-on-demand platform introduced a number of new features in October aimed at creating more personalized viewing experiences for adults—including profiles. Multi-user households, however, were forced to wait longer than expected as Google in December announced an unexplained delay(Opens in a new window); the company last month pledged(Opens in a new window) to roll out the feature "over the next few weeks."

It appears Google TV kept its promise, automatically converting existing accounts into individual profiles and making way for additional users to log in. The feature—expected to appear on compatible TVs from Sony and TCL—is currently limited to Chromecast with Google TV, according to 9to5Google(Opens in a new window). Google did not immediately respond to PCMag's request for comment.

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