Behind the Scenes

APH Networks is run by a dedicated team of people passionate for all things tech. We deliver impartial and fun to read product reviews with a long history dedicated to excellence in professional journalism since 2005. Whether it is writing the reviews or reports, updating the news section, producing videos, or administrating the technical side of the site, the APH Networks team works hard to ensure that everything goes smoothly. This is current weekly schedule of APH Networks:

Monday-Friday (Excluding American public holidays) - Technology news is published every morning before 10:00AM Mountain Time.
Thursday Evening - The standard due date for new article previews.
Friday - New regular articles (Reviews, reports, etc) are made official and public.

The team consists of the following members:

Jonathan Kwan, PhD, PEng

Title: Executive Director, Editor-in-Chief

Dr. Jonathan Kwan, PEng, is the Editor-in-Chief and Executive Director of APH Networks who started APH Networks when he was 15 years old. He completed his BSc in Electrical Engineering at the University of Calgary specializing in wireless communications and signal processing in 2014. During his undergrad, he worked as a 16-month wireless hardware design engineer intern at Garmin leading the development of the N5 ANT SoC module. Jonathan also received his MSc and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering in 2016 and 2020, respectively, both from the University of Calgary. He has 8 peer-reviewed papers published in various IEEE journals and conferences. Some of his published peer-reviewed research include "A Coordinated Ambient/Dedicated Radio Frequency Energy Harvesting Scheme using Machine Learning" and "Performance Optimization of a Multi-Source, Multi-Sensor Beamforming Wireless Powered Communication Network With Backscatter" in the IEEE Sensors Journal. Jonathan is currently a AI/ML software Product Line Manager at Fujitsu Network Communications and an Adjunct Professor at the University of Calgary. He is a registered Professional Engineer with the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta.

Aaron Lai

Title: Senior Technical Editor

Aaron joined the APH Networks team in mid-2013, specializing in reviewing computer peripherals and other consumer electronics. During his talks with the Editor-in-Chief, he initially asked to stay away from computer hardware until he had an actual rig going. Now that he finally does, Aaron has expanded into computer hardware. He is currently the Senior Technical Editor in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Aaron is an avid Android fan, but has recently succumbed to the side of Apple, haha. He lives in Calgary, Alberta and attends the same church as “the chc”. In his spare time, Aaron casually games on his desktop playing mainstream games. He is also an avid Nintendo fan. Aaron has completed his BSc in Electrical Engineering with a Minor in Computer Engineering at the Schulich School of Engineering (University of Calgary), and is currently working as a software developer.

Kenneth Kwok

Title: Senior Technical Editor

Kenneth Kwok lives in Vancouver, BC. Being with the APH Networks team since the very beginning, and a close friend of Jonathan, he is currently the Senior Technical Editor in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Kenneth wakes up every morning, and one of the first things he does is to check sources for interesting news articles, and posts them on APH Networks' front page. If he is not updating news on that day, he will need to check if APH Networks is updated to schedule. Kenneth collaborates with the rest of the team to ensure all front page articles are published in an efficient and timely fashion. Kenneth is an experienced writer and wrote a good share of computer hardware reviews around here. He also develops in-house web applications and programs for the website. During his free time, he is a self-proclaimed gamer, although not really that hardcore -- in skills anyway.

Ben Joubert

Title: Technical Editor

Ben grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa, and moved to Calgary, Alberta in 2011. As of 2016, he could proudly call himself a Canadian citizen. In high school, Ben was interested in both history and math, and decided to pursue a dual major in those subjects at the University of Calgary. However, he now has a degree in theology, and is pursuing a Master's of Theological Studies at McMaster Divinity College in Ontario, Canada. Most of his free time is spent gaming, playing DOTA 2 or Counter-Strike with a bunch of other titles thrown in between. He likes to spend the rest of his free time reading, digging mostly fantasy books by authors such as Brandon Sanderson. Ben joined the APH Networks team as a Technical Editor in June 2016.

Hai Wang, PhD

Title: Technical Editor

Dr. Hai Wang joined the APH Networks team as a Technical Editor in January 2017, and has received his PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Calgary in 2020. During Hai's studies, he worked in the same wireless communications research lab as our Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Kwan. Although his area of expertise is wireless communication, he is interested in pretty much all kinds of electronics ranging from Internet-of-Things modules to remote control vehicles. To date, he has two conference papers and three journal papers published in IEEE conferences and journals. Besides being an expert in the technology field, Hai is also a big time motorsports fan. Unfortunately, his car is a family SUV with an automatic transmission, haha. The good thing of having a soccer mom car is, when comes to racing, he can only do it in the virtual world by playing Need for Speed or DiRT in order to keep our streets safe -- not that we condone anything illegal, of course.

Jadon Lee

Title: Technical Editor

Being born and raised in Calgary, Jadon opted to attend the University of Calgary. Jadon acquired his BComm with a concentration in Business Technology Management in 2023. In his free time, Jadon likes to play games like League of Legends, osu!, or MapleStory to unwind. If he is not writing a review, doing schoolwork, playing games, or any necessary human task, he is probably proudly working his part-time job as a barista. Jadon joined the APH Networks team as a Technical Editor in May 2020 with his avid interest in technology.

Jonah Chow

Title: Technical Editor

Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Jonah joined APH Networks in February 2022 as a Technical Editor after discovering his passion in computers when COVID-19 forced him to stay indoors. He completed his BSc in Electrical Engineering at the University of Calgary like many of his fellow technical editors. He currently works as an automation specialist in the field of electrical power systems. Outside of his interest in technology, Jonah can also be found in the mountains either hiking or skiing the Canadian Rockies.

Gina Gong

Title: Creative Content Producer

Originally from a small city in Saskatchewan, Gina made the great trek to one province over to attend the University of Calgary where she met Jonathan and subsequently the other members of APH Networks. Gina is currently studying towards her BComm with a concentration in Marketing. You may recognize her from videos or short mentions in reviews. Though she has been in front of the camera, working behind the camera and being part of the creative process is what she enjoys the most. Other than filmmaking and photography, some of Gina’s favorites includes loitering around the university, buying food with money she does not have, and occasionally offering sarcastic laugh to Jonathan’s jokes to humble him when needed. Gina joined the team in December 2019.


Additional credits: You may have noticed how APH Networks is missing a ton of news archive and various articles between 2005 and 2008. This was due to the APH Networks' relaunch on July 30, 2008. Running previously on an outdated platform, the code contained a variety of unaddressed security problems and inefficient or obsolete technology. When our site was relaunched, it was moved to a completely new platform with significantly improved code on the backend; complete with a new design on the frontend. Unfortunately, the old database was not compatible with the new one and an automatic conversion could not be done. Therefore, all data had to be manually republished onto the site. This required some hardcore copying-and-pasting. Former APH Networks staff Herbert Lui, Anthony Kwan, and Zachary Hopkins, as well as volunteer Michael Choi helped out with the republishing of majority of APH Networks' contents.

Furthermore, the initial APH Networks Forum licensing cost was donated by ty8131990, gummyz, Herbicious, and Meltzdown in 2006.