Report: Apple in Talks to Buy Intel's 5G Modem Business

From PC Mag: Apple is always keen to grab more control over the hardware components it relies on. By next week, the iPhone maker could own a business capable of producing the smartphone modems it needs courtesy of Intel.

As The Wall Street Journal reports, Apple is thought to be in advanced talks with Intel regarding the sale of its smartphone modem business. Intel exited the 5G modem business back in April following a deal announced between Apple and Qualcomm to settle its lawsuits and enter a multi-year chipset supply agreement.

Libra scams are already proliferating on Facebook

From The Verge: An investigation by The Washington Post has uncovered a dozen accounts, pages, and groups across Facebook and Instagram which misleadingly claim to be official hubs for Libra, Facebook’s proposed digital currency. In some cases these pages, which were only removed after WaPo reported them to Facebook, offered to sell Libra at a discount through third-party websites.

Google pays $11M to settle with job seekers who alleged age discrimination

From CNET: Google is shelling out $11 million to end a lawsuit that accused the search giant of discriminating against older job seekers. The Alphabet-owned company has also agreed to train managers on age bias, form a committee focused on age diversity and investigate age bias complaints.

Asus’ ROG Phone II is the most spec-heavy gaming phone yet

From The Verge: Asus’s first ROG gaming phone was one of the most maximalist takes on the concept to date, so it’s only appropriate that the company follow up with a new model to stay on the bleeding edge. The ROG Phone II sounds like a spec bump more than a design revolution — Asus hasn’t provided official press images of the device yet, which is why there’s a picture of the original model above — but as spec bumps go, it’s a pretty hefty one.

Nintendo Facing Joy-Con 'Drifting' Class Action Lawsuit

From PC Mag: Nintendo is facing a potentially very expensive class-action lawsuit claiming the Joy-Con controllers shipped with the Switch are in fact defective.

Equifax to pay at least $575M as part of FTC settlement

From CNET: Equifax agreed to pay at least $575 million to the US Federal Trade Commission, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), and all 50 states over its massive 2017 data breach. If that isn't enough compensate people impacted by the breach, the credit reporting company could have to pay up to $700 million -- a figure we got hints about on Friday.

What is the best way to connect your monitor to your PC?

Corsair HS35 Stereo Review (Page 1 of 4)

Last month, I had the pleasure of participating in a small-scale Amazing Race around a mall, organized by some of the high school youth counselors. While it has been a while since I was in high school, I was actually helping out by being the "adult supervision" in the group while running around with them. The event was organized quite well, with a mixture of critical thinking, athleticism, and problem solving. Unfortunately, we made several missteps along the way during our journey. As you know from the television show, we ran around completing the task at a certain stop before getting our next clue to the next route marker. While we were quick to solve puzzles or certain tasks at each station, we often had difficulty finding the next station. For example, one of our clues led us to go to a bridge near the mall, but we failed to realize there were two bridges, one on each side of the mall. We ran all the way to the north bridge, only to realize we had gone in the opposite direction and had to go back. This happened several times and we often lost the leads we had gained on other teams. I think a lot of it happened because we were rash in our decision making, often moving faster before thinking about the consequences until it was too late. When Corsair announced their HS35 Stereo, a budget-oriented gaming headset, I did have to question if there were any consequences to making a headset sell for such an affordable mark. Retailing at a cool $40 USD, this undercuts some of the cheaper headphones we have previously looked at, including Corsair's own lineup. Is this the next budget pair of headphones to recommend or are there shortcomings to be found? I guess it is time to find out, so let us proceed.

Huawei says its Hongmeng OS isn’t an Android replacement after all

From The Verge: After a torrid few months, Huawei is now downplaying the idea that its homegrown Hongmeng operating system could serve as a drop-in replacement for Google’s Android on its smartphones. SVP Catherine Chen told reporters in Brussels yesterday that Hongmeng is not designed for smartphones and that Huawei plans to continue using Android, Chinese state news agency Xinhua reports.

Google's Stadia To Offer a Free Game Per Month on $9.99 Pro Plan

From PC Mag: No, Google's Stadia won't be a Netflix-like service for streaming video games. But the company does plan on offering free games for subscribers on the $9.99 per month Stadia Pro plan.

"Stadia Pro will be a lot like Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus," according to Stadia's director of product Andrey Doronichev. On Thursday, he took to Reddit to answer questions about the upcoming service, which will launch in November.


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