Snap will let users share Stories outside Snapchat with a new web player

From The Verge: Snap’s latest effort to fight back against slow growth and the ever-looming threat of Facebook is to bring its flagship Stories product to the web. That way, both Snapchat users and those who don’t have accounts on the mobile app can view the photos and videos.

Android 8.1 Oreo Adds Public Wi-Fi Speed Testing

From PC Mag: Smartphone users are regularly presented with a decision to make: which public Wi-Fi network do I connect to? Google is making that decision much easier this week for Android 8.1 Oreo users by automatically testing and which networks are the fastest.

Firefox update kicks graphics speed up a notch

From CNET: Mozilla released on Tuesday a new version of its Firefox Quantum browser, boosting its graphics speed and improving a couple of new technologies designed to make the web more powerful.

The browser, version 58, is the first major update since Mozilla's recovery plan hit full stride in November with the debut of Firefox Quantum. A decade ago, Firefox was running circles around Microsoft's Internet Explorer, but the browser market has become much more competitive now with the arrival of Google's Chrome and mobile phones.

Microsoft challenges Chromebooks with $189 Windows 10 laptops for schools

From The Verge: Microsoft is making a bigger push to keep students and teachers using Windows this week. At the annual Bett education show in London, Microsoft is revealing new Windows 10 and Windows 10 S devices that are priced from just $189. The software giant is also partnering with the BBC, LEGO, NASA, PBS, and Pearson to bring a variety of Mixed Reality and video curricula to schools.

Sony Licenses PlayStation Characters for Amiibo-Like Figures

From PC Mag: Nintendo has made millions by combining additional content for its games with the sale of NFC-enabled figures of its most popular characters, sometimes taking things a little too far. Now it seems Sony is attempting to do the same, but decided linking figures to game content wasn't actually worth the effort.

Facebook promises digital training for 1M Europeans by 2020

From CNET: Facebook is opening three centers across Europe to train over one million people in digital skills over the next two years, the company announced on Monday.

The three community hubs will be based in Spain, Italy and Poland and will focus on providing training in media literacy and online safety to underrepresented groups, the company said in blog post.

The social network also announced 10 million euros of investment in innovation in France through its artificial intelligence research facility.

Is smartphone addiction a modern day problem?

SilverStone Strider Titanium ST1300-TI 1300W (Page 1 of 4) | Reports

We here at APH Networks are no strangers to kilowatt-spec power supply units. My first experience of a power supply capable of converting more than 1000W from my wall to my computer was the very aptly-named -- it practically sounded like a jet -- Tagan TurboJet 1100W back in 2006. 2006 was a time where people knew little about power efficiency and long before anything in the four-digit realm was commonplace. Since then, we have covered many 1000W+ models from major manufacturers such as Cooler Master, FSP, PC Power & Cooling, and Seasonic; all of which has produced products that continually improved over the years in performance and power efficiency both in official certifications and from our affiliates with professional load testing equipment. With our comprehensive coverage of power supplies from all these major manufacturers here at APH Networks, perhaps one of the most surprising statistic of them all is while we have covered no less than fifteen PSUs from SilverStone, we have never written about one that broke the kilowatt barrier. I actually had to check this fact twice before writing this review. What does this mean to us? The answer is quite simple. Today, we have the SilverStone Strider Titanium ST1300-TI 1300W sitting on our test bench ready for some disassembly fun and, of course, as part of our tradition, voiding the warranty. Think about it for a second. 1300W. 80 Plus Titanium certified. Built by renowned OEM Enhance. Without containing too much excitement, let us get right at it.

Microsoft patches its earlier Meltdown patch for AMD PCs, allowing them to boot

From PC World: AMD processors aren’t affected by the devastating Meltdown CPU flaw, but the emergency fix for Meltdown and Spectre brought certain AMD CPUs to their knees. Microsoft has now resumed issuing patches for those systems as of January 18.

Microsoft's new patch, KB4073290, solves the problem, Microsoft says. It will either deploy via Windows Update or can be manually downloaded.

Amazon raises monthly Prime subscription 18 percent

From CNET: If you pay for Amazon Prime membership on a monthly basis, get ready to pay a little more.

The online retailer on Friday said it raised the monthly fee for Prime to $12.99 from $10.99, up 18 percent and effective immediately. The monthly student rate increased to $6.49 from $5.49. Customers using the monthly option will start paying the higher price on their first payment after Feb. 18.


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