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ASUSTOR AS4002T Review (Page 1 of 8)

A few weeks ago, I was eating lunch with a friend and his friend who is from Vancouver. After eating a rather large bowl of pho, I came to the sudden realization of my friend's friend -- who is a young Caucasian guy -- and his rather excellent chopstick skills. "You do not understand," he explained. "I am from Vancouver. Everyone from Vancouver knows how to use chopsticks. You get laughed at and get called a white boy if you asked for forks and spoons. You get tired of it eventually, you know?" Now that I think about it, having lived in Canada for so many years, it is normal to go to an Asian restaurant with people of all different backgrounds and simply expect them to use chopsticks. In fact, I have already long forgotten some people actually do not know how to use chopsticks until last week when I was hanging out with an Egyptian friend who is new to this country. As people change to adapt to culture, companies also change to adapt to changing consumer needs. In the past, I have reviewed the ASUSTOR AS3202T, AS3102T, and AS1002T, all of which has an attractive chassis design but lacks hot swappable drive bays. After repeatedly complaining about this inconvenient design choice in all of my reviews, the company is back today with the AS4002T. Not only does it have hot swappable drive bays behind a slick looking magnetically attached front door, it also features a built-in 10Gbps port along with two gigabit Ethernet ports to push the limits of network throughput. Will this be the dual bay NAS to buy in 2018? Read on to find out!

Cooler Master MasterMouse MM531 (Page 1 of 4)

Apple has yet again released a new series of iPhones, eagerly awaited by many. I was excited for what Apple was going to reveal next, especially just from a curiosity standpoint. I owned an iPhone for two years back in high school, and since switching to an Android device, I have never looked back. However, it is still cool to see the new products released by Apple and if they will innovate in some new and interesting way. I know many people did not like the notch the iPhone X introduced, but I sure do like it. Anyway, Apple does major changes to their phones every two years on average, and in between there are relatively minor changes done to the hardware. The new line of iPhones prove this point. They are almost identical on the outside, but updates to the internal components make it faster. Now, if these changes are actually worth the ridiculous price tag is a debate for another time. Apple upgrades the internals and delivers the new product. I am sure if we look closer at other manufacturers, we might find similar strategies. This strategy is not necessarily a bad one, as a good design can be upgraded considerably with a few tweaks here and there. Cooler Master has potentially done something similar with the MasterMouse MM531, which we will be taking a look at today. When it comes to looks, the MM531 is indistinguishable from the MasterMouse MM530. But read on to find out what changed!

ASUS Announces ROG Strix, Dual, and Turbo GeForce RTX 2070 Gaming Graphics Cards

From ASUS Press Release: ASUS today announced Republic of Gamers (ROG) Strix, ASUS Dual and ASUS Turbo graphics cards that are based on the new NVIDIA GeForce® RTX 2070, which features support for high-speed GDDR6 memory and VirtualLink technology that enables quick, single-cable connections for next-generation VR headsets. For a detailed overview of our new GeForce® RTX 2070 lineup, please visit ASUS ROG.

Samsung gives Note 9 users an option to reduce accidental Bixby activations

From The Verge: Samsung’s latest Note 9 update lets you active Bixby with a double tap of its dedicated button, reports Android Authority. Previously, you could only activate the divisive voice assistant with a single tap, which could lead to it being accidentally activated, especially when Samsung offers no option to disable it entirely.

Amazon Announces a Gaggle of New, Next-Gen Echo Devices

From PC Mag: Amazon today refreshed its lineup of Echo devices in a big way, announcing next-generation Echo Dot, Echo Plus, and Echo Show smart speakers, plus some brand-new products like the Echo Sub, Echo Input, Echo Link—even an Echo Clock for your wall and Echo Auto for your car.

The next-generation Echo Dot is 70 percent louder than its predecessor, with a new mic array, and a larger driver (1.6 inches compared to 1.1 inches) for the same $49.99 price. The new driver offers "more powerful sound with lower distortion and enhanced bass reproduction," Amazon said.

China blocks Twitch after surge in popularity

From CNET: Twitch can't get past the Great Firewall of China.

The streaming service, mostly watched for eSports and gamers, has been blocked in China, a Twitch spokesman said in an email on Friday morning. Twitch declined to provide further comment.

Twitch's app disappeared from the App Store in China, while its website was blocked earlier this week, according to Abacus News.

Fractal Design Expand Dynamic X2 and Venturi Fan Series

From Fractal Design Press Release: Today, Fractal Design expand on the Dynamic X2 and Venturi fan series with new options giving users greater choice than ever before. Adding to the Dynamic X2, users will now have the option to purchase 120mm and 140mm variants of the fan with PWM support while an all-White non PWM version has also been added to the lineup.

Amazon is about to announce new hardware at a surprise event

From The Verge: Remember when Amazon held a “surprise” event last September and introduced a bunch of new Echo devices? Well, it’s doing it again this year in what looks to become an annual hardware event. The announcements will kick off today at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET, and while the company says it won’t be streaming the event, The Verge is here on the ground in Seattle, bringing you live coverage of all the new devices.

PS Vita Production Ends in 2019

From PC Mag: For gamers in the US and across Europe, the PS Vita disappeared from store shelves a long time ago. But in Japan, Sony's handheld continues to be produced and sold, but that's set to come to an end next year according to Sony.

As Engadget reports, at the 2018 Tokyo Game Show Sony Interactive Entertainment senior vice president Hiroyuki Oda was interviewed by Japanese publication Famitsu. He confirmed that the PS Vita is coming to the end of its life and that production will stop completely at some point in 2019. There is no new handheld planned.


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