US Accuses Russia of Launching Anti-Satellite Weapon Into Orbit

From PC Mag: The US claims a newly launched Russian satellite is a space weapon from the Kremlin meant to take out other satellites.

A Defense Department spokesman briefly discussed the alleged Russian space weapon after a US ambassador brought up the claims during a United Nations meeting on...

iOS 17.5.1 Fixes Alarming Bug That Makes Deleted iPhone Photos Reappear

From PC Mag: Typically, when you delete a photo, it's supposed to stay gone. That hasn't been the case for iPhone and iPad owners on iOS 17.5, where deleted photos are making a surprise comeback.

Apple has released iOS 17.5.1, which it says fixes the issue. Its changelog says only that the update...

TikTok turns to generative AI to boost its ads business

From TechCrunch: TikTok is the latest tech company to incorporate generative AI into its ads business, as the company announced on Tuesday that it’s launching a new “TikTok Symphony” AI suite for brands. The tools will help marketers write scripts, produce videos, and enhance current assets.


ChatGPT Down Again As OpenAI Investigates Error Messages

From Forbes: ChatGPT is suffering a second successive day of problems, with the chatbot being plagued by error messages.

Users of both the free and paid-for ChatGPT Plus are reporting the service is down, with the service failing to instigate new chats or let users access previous conversations...

Adobe Lightroom gets first Firefly feature — Generative Remove

From ComputerWorld: Adobe is bringing Firefly features to Lightroom for the first time with the addition of Generative Remove.

Adobe has been busy adding Firefly features to its various apps over the past year, including Photoshop and Premiere Pro; now it’s Lightroom’s turn.

Lightroom is Adobe’s...

Microsoft intros a Copilot for teams

From TechCrunch: Microsoft wants to make its brand of generative AI more useful for teams — specifically teams across corporations and large enterprise organizations.

This morning at its annual Build dev conference, Microsoft announced Team Copilot, the latest expansion of its Copilot family of...

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