Lexar Announces New Professional NM700 M.2 2280 PCIe Gen3x4 NVMe SSD

From Lexar Press Release: Lexar today announced the new Lexar Professional NM700 M.2 2280 PCIe Gen3x4 NVMe SSD to its family line of SSD products.

As the need for faster performance and uninterrupted application experiences increases, Lexar has developed a solution to keep videographers, photographers, and designers in the driver’s seat with speeds of up 3500MB/s read, and 2000MB/s write. The NM700 is supported by PCIe Gen3x4 NVMe and built with 3D NAND flash for higher capacity and more efficiency without unnecessary slowdowns.

G.SKILL DDR4 Memory Reaches Extreme Speeds with 10th Gen Intel Core Processors

From G.Skill Press Release: G.SKILL International Enterprise Co., Ltd. is always exploring the extreme limits of the latest computing platforms. With the latest release of the 10th Gen Intel® Core™ processors and Intel® Z490 chipset-based motherboards, G.SKILL demonstrates that DDR4 memory is capable of reaching a higher tier of extreme speed than ever before, at up to DDR4-5000MHz with 8GB and 16GB memory modules, as well as DDR4-4400 with high-capacity 32GB modules.

Register for early access to transfer songs to YouTube Music

From The Verge: Google is letting users register their interest to start transferring their music from Google Play Music to YouTube Music early, 9to5Google reports. The form was initially provided as part of a Google support thread, and comes with a disclaimer that it doesn’t guarantee early access to the transfer tool. The form asks you to provide the email address associated with your Google Play Music account and country of residence.

Verizon Turns on 5G Uploads in 34 Cities

From PC Mag: Video calls on Verizon 5G are about to get even smoother. The company announced today that it's finally switching uploads from 4G to 5G in its 34 5G cities (with a 35th one coming soon), as well as for Chicago-based 5G Home subscribers. It also made several announcements about partnerships to help its short-range millimeter-wave 5G reach longer distances and get indoors, although those shifts won't happen immediately.

Facebook, Instagram push further into e-commerce with launch of online shops

From CNET: Facebook said Tuesday that users will be able to shop without leaving the social network by visiting a business' Facebook page or Instagram profile, a move that comes as more people turn to e-commerce because of the coronavirus pandemic.

In the future, users will also be able to shop through the company's messaging services, including Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram Direct, the company said.

Samsung’s fast T7 USB-C SSD is now available starting at $110

From The Verge: Samsung’s T7 portable SSD is now available following its introduction earlier this year at CES 2020. The T7 is the successor to the slim, wallet-sized T5 USB-C SSD that came out in 2017. If you’re feeling some sort of déjà vu and are wondering if this product might have already been released — well, yes, sort of. Back in January, Samsung released the T7 Touch, a slightly more expensive variant that features a fingerprint sensor for authenticating your identity before the SSD mounts to your device.

Dell Unveils New Lightweight Latitude, Super-Charged Precision PCs

From PC Mag: A major refresh of Dell’s commercial laptops is here. The PC vendor today is introducing new Windows 10 products under the Latitude and Precision line for business workers looking for portability, power, and long battery life.

The refresh starts with the new Latitude laptops, which go on sale today on the company's website and through other distributors. Dell is finally going to start selling the Latitude 9510, which the company previewed in January at CES. (Hit the link for our first look at it.)

Microsoft HoloLens 2 adds 5G support and is getting easier to buy

From CNET: Augmented reality and virtual reality have suddenly become more relevant in a world where people can't meet in person as easily. Devices such as Microsoft's HoloLens 2 would seem to be in prime position for a key role. Microsoft's mixed-reality news at its now-virtual annual Build developer conference is, not surprisingly, HoloLens-focused. While the company continues to slowly build out its larger-scale AR cloud tools, the HoloLens 2 is now getting 5G support... with a dongle.

XPG Core Reactor 750W Report (Page 1 of 4)

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SilverStone Air Penetrator AP120i PRO Review (Page 1 of 4)

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