Thermaltake Releases TOUGHRAM RGB DDR4 White Edition

From Thermaltake Press Release: Thermaltake today announced the release of the Thermaltake TOUGHRAM RGB DDR4 Memory Series which now comes in a white edition along with new frequencies of 3,200MHz and 3,600MHz 2x8 GB. TOUGHRAM is supported by Intel and AMD platforms and features 10-layer PCB construction, 2oz copper inner layers and 10μ gold fingers, the TOUGHRAM RGB white edition is not only visually appealing, but is also high in performance. The TOUGHRAM RGB White Edition is built with premium fine coating that reveals true elegance from inside out.

Hot on the Heels of Ryzen 3000 Series, AMD Tips 4 New Processors

From PC Mag: And the hits keep coming. Looking to cap off what's already been a banner year for AMD, the company announced three new processors today that will add to its swelling lineup of consumer-facing CPUs.

Hot off the wildly successful introduction of the Ryzen 3000 Series processors, AMD is bolstering the top of its CPU lineup with the new Ryzen 9 3950X, a 16-core, 32-thread beast of a chip that is being marketed to gamers and content creators alike.

Google is open sourcing Cardboard now that the Daydream is dead

From The Verge: In October, Google officially discontinued its Daydream View VR headset — and the company took another step away from its initial leadership position in phone-based VR today by announcing that it’s open sourcing the software of Cardboard, its “no-frills” VR headset. It had already “open-sourced” the actual Cardboard VR viewer by posting its technical specifications for anyone to download, so it is nice to see Google open up the software as well.

HoloLens 2: Microsoft's augmented reality headset launches today, but it's $3,500

From CNET: Microsoft's HoloLens 2 augmented reality headset, which was introduced at Mobile World Congress back in February, is now available to buy, the company announced Thursday. Earlier this year, Microsoft showed CNET the next-generation headset up-close. The self-contained, comfortable flip-up device has no controllers. It uses hand and eye tracking, and slides over glasses. I was impressed how easy it was to use.

AT&T to Refund Customers for Data Throttling Under 'Unlimited' Plans

From PC Mag: AT&T has agreed to pay a $60 million fine to the Federal Trade Commission for throttling the mobile internet speeds of customers who had subscribed to "unlimited" data plans.

The FTC initially brought the case against AT&T in 2014, claiming the carrier misled millions of customers over how its data plans were not exactly unlimited. Starting in 2011, the carrier began throttling customers' the speeds by as much as 80 to 90 percent after using as little as 2GB of data in a billing period, the FTC claimed at the time.

Thermaltake Level 20 HT/HT Snow Edition Full Tower Chassis

From Thermaltake Press Release: Thermaltake is thrilled to announce a new member of the Level 20 collection- the Level 20 HT and the Level 20 HT Snow Edition Full Tower Chassis. Distinctive from most cases on the market, the Level 20 HT/HT Snow Edition full tower chassis is specially constructed to continue the legend of the Level 20 series case family. It features four durable 4mm thick tempered glass windows, two preinstalled 140mm standard fans on the top, and is designed with outstanding system ventilation.

Ecobee adds more smarts to its connected thermostats

From The Verge: Ecobee is announcing today a new feature for its smart thermostats that adds improved home and away detection and schedule recommendation capabilities. Called eco+, this new feature combines some of the Ecobee thermostat’s existing capabilities with more advanced artificial intelligence and predictive algorithms to make heating and cooling a home even more efficient and environmentally friendly.

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