SilverStone LS04 Review

My colleague Jonathan and I were chatting during our recent Texas trip about how he really wanted to install LED blinkers in his Honda Accord. His reasoning was that he wanted the instant on-off effect that only light emitting diodes can provide. At first, I was a bit confused because I never really thought about turn signals and the way they achieved their blinking effect. However, he showed me some videos to back up his claim. When I look and compare between the two, I actually sort of prefer the relatively slower fading on and off from a traditional bulb for the turning lights. Maybe this is just because I am used to one over the other, but it is also because the slower effect reminds me of a real person blinking. In addition, it could also be because I am lazy and would not want to even think about changing my car lights to use these flashy flashers.

Vivo’s Apex 2020 concept has breakthrough cameras and an ultra-curved screen

From The Verge: The thing about concept cars is that even though they’re never going to be sold, car makers do actually have to build and present them. Otherwise, who’s going to understand the difference between a true concept and an absent-minded idea? Pity Vivo, then, which had planned to unveil its latest Apex concept phone at Mobile World Congress, but due to the event’s cancellation now has to settle for telling everyone about it in a press release.

Samsung's New OLED Display Emits Less Blue Light, Uses Less Power

From PC Mag: Your next smartphone will enjoy improved battery life and won't mess with your sleep pattern if it uses Samsung's newly announced OLED display.

Samsung Display this week announced an optimized OLED display aimed squarely at the smartphone market and in particular 5G phones. It boasts two features that manufacturers and consumers will be very happy to embrace. The first is a reduction in power consumption by 15 percent, and the second is a reduction in the amount of blue light the display emits.

Coronavirus concerns prompt cancellation of Facebook F8 developer conference

From CNET: Facebook said Thursday it's canceling its F8 developer conference, the social media giant's biggest event of the year, over concerns about the novel coronavirus. The unusual move illustrates how the outbreak of COVID-19, the respiratory illness the virus causes, is impacting the world's largest tech companies.

CORSAIR Releases Updated CORSAIR ONE PRO i200 Compact Workstation-Class PC

From Corsair Press Release: CORSAIR today announced the launch of the CORSAIR ONE PRO i200, the latest configuration of its most powerful workstation-class PC. The CORSAIR ONE PRO offers an unparalleled combination of cutting-edge performance and compact size, packing the immense rendering, encoding, and creative power of a full-size workstation-class desktop PC into a gorgeous and quiet small-form-factor that takes up less desk space than a laptop.

Google Earth finally available in browsers other than Chrome

From The Verge: Google is opening up its web-based version of Earth to browsers like Firefox, Edge, and Opera today. The search giant originally launched Google Earth on the web back in 2017, and axed its desktop apps at the same time. Google says “we are big supporters of open web standards,” but Earth launched on the web with Chrome-only Native Client (NaCl) technology as there wasn’t a standard available to support what it wanted to do. This resulted in Earth becoming one of the first of many Chrome-only sites from Google.

Appeals Court Rules YouTube Does Not Illegally Censor Conservative Content

From PC Mag: The 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals in Seattle has upheld a ruling that Google’s video sharing platform YouTube does not illegally censor conservative content.

As reported by Reuters, a lawsuit against Google was brought by Prager University, a conservative non-profit organization run by talk show host Dennis Prager. “PragerU” uploads a number of YouTube videos on conservative talking points, with titles including “The Market Will Set You Free,” “Is The National Anthem Racist?” and “White Leftists Act Like Racists.”

Uber app redesign adds real-time language translation for riders and drivers

From CNET: Uber is aiming to make it easier for riders and drivers to communicate. In an app redesign that rolled out on Thursday, the ride-hailing company added a language translation tool that can be used via texting. This means if a passenger doesn't speak the same language as their driver, they'll still be able to communicate within the app.

Facebook confirms ban on misleading coronavirus ads

From The Verge: Facebook is banning ads that promise to cure, prevent, or otherwise incite panic around COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, the company has confirmed in a statement given to Business Insider. The company added that it has similar policies for its Marketplace platform where Facebook users can buy and sell items.

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