Vivo announces X50 flagship series with gimbal-style camera

From The Verge: Vivo has officially announced its first flagship phones of 2020, the X50 series. As previously teased, the key feature is the primary camera’s heavy-duty stabilization system, which Vivo variously compares to professional gimbals and chameleons’ eyes. It previously showed up on Vivo’s Apex 2020 concept phone, but the company wasn’t able to show it off in person due to the COVID-19 pandemic; now it’ll be shipping on commercial devices.

T-Mobile touts that it now has 5G coverage in all 50 states

From CNET: T-Mobile is boosting its 5G footprint. After touting that it launched the first nationwide 5G network late last year, the carrier on Monday announced that it now offers 5G in parts of all 50 states.

The latest announcement, a deal between T-Mobile and Alaskan carrier GCI, will allow T-Mobile users in Alaska to roam on GCI's new 5G network in Anchorage that was turned on in April. GCI users will similarly be able to take advantage of T-Mobile's 5G footprint when traveling in other states.

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When I was in Kindergarten, I remember we had quite a few activities to do even within a classroom. This included things like reading, writing in your journal, doing math, as well as more hands-on things like playing with marble tracks, puppets, or the sand and water pit. Unfortunately, some of these were more exclusive because not everyone could do them at the same time. Just by reading the list, you can probably tell many kids went straight for the sand and water pit. For a while, I also really wanted to go to the pit. The pit we had was a large square sand pit that was dry and easy to build sculptures or scoop sand. The water pit, on the other hand, was a separate unit that had water flowing through plastic routes. After some patient waiting, it was my turn to go to the elemental pit with my friends. However, it was not until I tried it out when my opinion for this activity changed.

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I looked at quite a number of graduate schools when I was figuring out which one to attend. I ended up at one in Ontario, which also happens to have many graduate schools. In the year that I have spent in Ontario, I was able to go some conferences at one of the other graduate schools I considered. It was a fun experience and I learned a lot. Of course, that was pre-pandemic days, given now we are not allowed to attend school physically, never mind visiting other schools. Since then, I have not heard from that graduate school until very recently. They put on an advertisement where they were giving away free stylized stickers of the Reformers of the 16th century. For those who are not familiar, these included John Calvin, Martin Luther, Thomas Cranmer, and John Wycliffe. All I had to do to get these stickers was to email them.

Google’s AR tool helps you measure two meters to maintain proper social distancing

From The Verge: As lockdown measures are eased around the world, it’s more important than ever to observe proper health protocol in public. That means wearing a mask (if you can), washing your hands regularly, and social distancing. This last step can be the trickiest, but Google has released a handy augmented reality tool that makes things a little easier.

Facebook to Verify the ID of Suspiciously Popular Accounts

From PC Mag: Facebook is set to introduce another way of ensuring the information we consume on the social network isn't misleading.

Facebook product managers Anita Joseph and Michelle Paselli explain in a Newsroom post how ID verification is being extended to include "some profiles with large audiences in the US." More specifically, the verification check will be triggered for, "people who have a pattern of inauthentic behavior on Facebook and whose posts start to rapidly go viral in the US."

Uber now lets you book a ride for $50 an hour

From CNET: Uber is now letting passengers use its service on an hourly basis. The ride-hailing company announced Friday a new feature called "hourly booking" that lets people schedule a trip for $50 per hour for up to seven hours at a time.

Typically, people hail an Uber when they need to get from one place to another. But Uber says with hourly booking, customers can do several errands or take an excursion. There are some caveats, like no rides to and from airports and no trips outside of a city service area.

Razer Blade 15 Studio Edition Gets a More Powerful Intel Chip and a Price Bump

From PC Mag: Razer’s most expensive laptop is getting even pricier.

On Thursday, the PC maker debuted a refreshed Razer Blade 15 Studio Edition, which goes on sale today. The laptop has been outfitted with a new Intel 10th-generation Core i7 “Comet Lake-H” processor and an updated keyboard layout for better typing.

However, Razer has also bumped up the product’s price from $3,999 to $4,299, making it one of the most expensive mobile workstations on the market for powerhouse users.

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