Apple reunites with iPhone graphics chip partner to license technology

From The Verge: Apple will once again license technology from Imagination Technologies, the chip designer that used to provide graphics processors for the iPhone and iPad, the UK-based company announced today. In a short statement posted on its website, Imagination said that it had entered into a multiyear license agreement with Apple, under which the Cupertino, California-based firm will have access to “a wider range of Imagination’s intellectual property in exchange for license fees.”

SSDs May Get Pricey This Year With NAND Prices Expected to Rise 40%

From Tom's Hardware: In 2019, NAND and DRAM prices dropped to an all-time low. This led to cheaper SSDs and memory than we've ever seen before. These times appear to be coming to an end though. A DigiTimes report today cited unnamed sources at chipmakers claiming that prices for NAND flash memory, a non-volatile type of storage used in storage components like SSDs, will rise by up to 40% by Q4 2020.

Amazon allegedly threatened to fire employees for speaking out on climate change

From CNET: Several Amazon employees say they've been threatened with termination for talking publicly about their climate change campaign.

Amazon Employees for Climate Justice, an activist group within Amazon that started in late 2018, said in a statement Thursday that four of its members were targeted by the human resources and legal departments at Amazon for speaking out publicly, including to the press. In two cases, employees received followup emails threatening firings if they continued to talk publicly, the group said.

Uber And Postmates Sue California To Stop AB5 Gig-Worker Law

From Forbes: Uber and Postmates have filed a lawsuit in an attempt to block California’s AB5 gig-worker law, which is set to go into effect January 1. The complaint claims the impending law, which will require companies to treat many independent contractors (aka gig workers) as employees, is unconstitutional. The companies, along with two drivers who use their respective apps, are requesting a preliminary injunction against AB5 while the lawsuit is in progress.

Report: Notch-Free iPhone Launching in 2020, Includes In-Display Touch ID

From PC Mag: Face ID is out, Touch ID is in. It doesn't appear all that likely on the surface, but LetsGoDigital reports Apple plans on reintroducing a fingerprint scanner on at least one iPhone model due out next year. Two years ago, the Cupertino-based company shifted away from fingerprints and ushered in a new era of facial recognition. Yet there might be an opportunity for Touch ID to return if Apple does redesign the iPhone with an all-display front.

Microsoft takes legal action against North Korean hackers

From CNET: Microsoft has sued a cybercrime group in an effort to disrupt its alleged attacks on the public. The North Korea-based group used phishing emails and fake websites that pretended to come from the Windows maker to steal consumers' credentials, Microsoft says.

A court order has allowed the Redmond, Wash-based company to take control of 50 domains used for cyberattacks by the alleged hackers.

Huawei Thumbs its Nose at the US Government With Record High Revenues

From Tom's Hardware: Some think success is the greatest revenge. If that's true, Huawei practically became vengeance personified this year, because the company reported a record-high revenue of $122 billion in 2019 despite U.S. government efforts to bring it down.

By now you've probably heard about the conflict between Huawei and the U.S. government enough times to recite it in your sleep. Just in case you haven't, though, here's a brief summary of the back-and-forth that's taken place in the last few years.

Chinese Scientist Responsible for Genetically Engineered Babies Gets 3 Years in Prison

From ExtremeTech: The international medical community was aghast last year when a Chinese scientists announced the first ever genetically engineered babies. He Jiankui and his team used the CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing tool to make two twin girls immune to HIV infection but did so without authorization from medical authorities. Now, Chinese state media reports that He Jiankui has been sentenced to three years in prison following a secret trial.

Intel Could Split 10th-Gen Comet Lake CPUs Into Two Different Sockets

From Tom's Hardware: In what seems to be an unprecedented move, even for Intel, Comet Lake might end up taking residence on not one, but two new sockets: Chip detective @momomo_us recently discovered a string in the latest version of CPU-Z that references the LGA1159 socket, which may complement the LGA1200 socket that we already know is coming for Comet Lake.

One of the very first leaked Comet Lake slides associated the upcoming 14nm chips with the LGA1200 socket, and recent pictures of the chips confirm the pin count.

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