Coronavirus causes worst smartphone market contraction in history

From The Verge: The coronavirus pandemic has caused the smartphone market to suffer its fastest ever first-quarter year-on-year decline, according to new data from analyst firms. Counterpoint Research and Canalys both put the overall drop in global shipments at 13 percent, though Counterpoint says the drop in China alone was 27 percent while Canalys calculates it at 18 percent.

ASUS Introduces Z490 Series Motherboards to Maximize the Power of 10th Gen Intel Core Processors

From ASUS Press Release: ASUS is introducing a new and powerful line of Z490 motherboards for gamers, enthusiasts and professionals that will showcase the full potential of the new 10th Generation Intel Core family of CPUs. ASUS and Republic of Gamers are here to help you make the most of this new generation of chips with Z490 motherboards tuned for the tastes of anyone looking for the latest technology in the market. Every motherboard in the ASUS’ Z490 product line-up will showcase improvements and features that will take your clock speeds to the next level.

Intel’s 10th Gen Comet Lake for Desktops: Skylake-S Hits 10 Cores and 5.3 GHz

From AnandTech: Today we get the full range of its Intel’s 10th Generation processors for desktops. These chips, which fall under the banner of ‘Comet Lake’, will now go up to 10 cores and offer turbo speeds up to 5.3 GHz. Comet Lake is the fifth iteration of Intel’s very profitable Skylake microarchitecture, built on Intel’s 14++nm process, at a time when the competition is on 7nm with sixteen cores. The crux, according to Intel, is that it will offer the best gaming experience in this market.

Release True Power: MSI 400 Series Motherboards

From MSI Press Release: MSI proudly announces Intel 400 series motherboards along with the brand new Intel 10th gen Core processors for socket 1200. Intel 10th Generation CPUs provide high specifications with up to 10 cores that improve both CPU and memory performance. MEG, MPG and MAG series are three different segments catered towards the most demanding enthusiasts or entry level gamers, satisfying all types of gamers.

Thermaltake launches TOUGHRAM Z-ONE Memory Series: 3200/3600MHz

From Thermaltake Press Release: Thermaltake is pleased to introduce our new budget-friendly memory series, the TOUGHRAM Z-ONE DDR4 memory series; which comes in both 3200MHz and 3600MHz. The aluminum heat spreader incorporates a sleek aluminum appearance which aids the ICs and dissipates heat at a higher pace. To ensure high stable gaming performance, TOUGHRAM Z-ONE uses tightly-screened ICs that are able to achieve higher overclocking performance, and is compatible with the Intel XMP 2.0.

Google announces changes to Chrome Web Store policies to help fight spammy extensions

From The Verge: Google’s Chrome Web Store is the biggest catalog of browser extensions around, but as with any successful chunk of the internet, more things on offer to install means more scammers and spammers trying to sneak their trash into the mix or looking to abuse the system for their own gain.

Apple, Google Roll Out Beta Versions of Contact-Tracing Tools for App Developers

From PC Mag: Early versions of a COVID-19 contact-tracing solution from Apple and Google rolled out to iOS and Android app developers this week, allowing them to test it before a broader consumer launch.

By working together, the tools allow for easy, Bluetooth-based contact tracing across iOS and Android, which run on the vast majority of devices consumers carry around with them every day. Public health authorities are expected to develop apps for tracking infections while relying on these tools to discover who an infected person came into contact with recently.

Zoom doesn't actually have 300 million daily users

From CNET: Zoom is backtracking on an announcement last week that its videoconferencing app had racked up 300 million daily users. Instead, the company now says it has "300 million daily meeting participants," a different metric that counts people for every Zoom meeting they attend in a day.

The change was earlier spotted by The Verge. After the publication reached out to the company, Zoom on Wednesday added an edit note to its blog post, calling the error an oversight.

Cooler Master Announces the MM711 Challenge for COVID-19 Relief

From Cooler Master Press Release: Cooler Master has announced The MM711 Challenge for COVID-19 Relief, a new contest that aims to raise funds for those impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak.

“The coronavirus is a serious global issue that is affecting millions around the world today,” says Bryant Nguyen, General Manager for the Peripherals Business Unit. “We wanted to help in any way that we could, and we’re asking our incredible community to help us in our efforts.”

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