Party like it’s 2004 with the new Motorola Razr’s secret ‘Retro Razr’ mode

From The Verge: Motorola is bringing the Razr back in the form of a foldable Android phone, but that doesn’t mean that the company is leaving the classic design of the original behind. As a neat tribute to the OG RAZR, Motorola has included a secret “Retro Razr” mode that turns the $1,499 modern smartphone into the spitting image of its 2004-era predecessor.

Apple Mac Pro Arrives in December

From PC Mag: Apple's flagship desktop will go on sale next month, joining a new 16-inch MacBook Pro laptop announced today. Together they make up the company's most competitive professional PC offering in years.

Apple's new Mac Pro arrives in December, marking the first major update to the company's flagship desktop in six years. It will start at $6,000, and is aimed at professionals who can take advantage of the Xeon CPU with as many as 28 cores, plus up to four AMD Radeon Pro GPUs and 1.5TB of main system memory.

Intel will build AI brains into your laptop for tomorrow's speed boost

From CNET: It may not be obvious, but you're almost certainly using AI every day. Artificial intelligence-boosting hardware in your phone enables voice recognition and spots your friends in photos. In the cloud, it delivers search results and weeds out spam email. Next up for dedicated AI hardware will be your laptop, Intel expects.

Fitbit update adds color always-on watch faces to Versa 2

From CNET: Just days after Google announced it was buying Fitbit in a deal worth $2.1 billion, it will add even more features to its range of smartwatches. Tweaks to sleep and exercise tracking are all part of Fitbit OS 4.1, and although it won't arrive for a few weeks, the improvements look like they're worth waiting for.

The 16-inch MacBook Pro is now available to order

From The Verge: After many months of rumors, Apple’s new 16-inch MacBook Pro is finally official. It has a bigger screen and a better keyboard, hopefully starting to bring Apple’s long butterfly nightmare to a close.

Pre-orders are live right now on Apple’s website, and the laptops should be shipping and in stores by the end of the week. Other retailers will carry them eventually, but for now the fastest way to get one will be by ordering through Apple.

Noctua presents new chromax line fans and accessories

From Noctua Press Release: Noctua today presented new additions to its chromax line of black, colour-customisable cooling fans. The new versions of the award-winning NF-A20, NF-A12x15, NF-A9, NF-A9x14 and NF-A8 fans as well as the corresponding NA-SAVP5 and NA-SAVP6 anti-vibration pads now give customers the option to colour-coordinate Noctua 200mm, slim 120mm, 92mm, slim 92mm and 80mm fans with individual build designs and popular colour schemes such as all black, black and white or black and red.

Instagram is testing a new video editing tool called Reels that copies TikTok’s best features

From The Verge: Instagram has launched a new video editing tool in Brazil that copies some of the best-known features of TikTok. As reported by TechCrunch and Variety, the tool is called Reels and is available on both iOS and Android. There’s no word on whether it will be launched in other countries, but it’s certainly likely if the tool is a success.

Intel Frost Canyon NUC Details Leak

From PC Mag: If you're looking for a tiny/budget desktop PC you can't go far wrong by choosing to buy an Intel NUC. It's worth holding off on purchasing one right now, though, as the next generation of NUCs just leaked.

As Liliputing reports, the new Intel Frost Canyon NUC models are expected to be officially announced soon, but promotional images for the new tiny PCs have leaked via Chinese website Kgula.

Disney Plus is here. Netflix is watching

From CNET: Disney Plus may be the biggest direct challenge Netflix has faced since the DVD-mailer company reinvented itself as the internet's answer to TV. But Reed Hastings, Netflix's CEO, says he isn't sweating the competition -- he can't wait to get his hands on it.

"I'm not saying we worry about them, we admire them," he said at the Dealbook conference in New York last week. "I'll subscribe, they've got great shows."

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