APH Networks at Micron Insight 2019: Intelligence Accelerated | Reports

Last week, I had a chance to visit San Francisco to attend Micron Insight 2019. Micron Insight is the company’s invite-only conference to demonstrate the company’s vision and direction for the future in technology, and this is their second year running the conference. You are probably more familiar with their consumer brands, Crucial and Ballistix, which we have covered their solid state drives and memory extensively here at APH Networks.

I was invited to attend the conference as part of the press representing APH Networks. However, with my background in electrical engineering and my PhD research covers wireless communications and artificial intelligence, and 5G, AI, and cloud computing is one of the main focuses of this conference, I come with a slightly different perspective. I represent the media as a general consumer, but I also see it from an academic point of view.

Nvidia’s new Shield TV Pro and Shield TV add Dolby Vision and AI 4K upscaling

From The Verge: Amazon and Newegg might’ve spoiled the surprise last week, but today Nvidia is officially launching two new Shield TV devices. The Shield TV Pro ($199.99) and Shield TV ($149.99) are available for purchase immediately — and some retailers have already been stocking them in recent days.

FSP CMT510 Plus Review (Page 1 of 4)

Lately, I have been really enjoying looking at architecture and home décor. Just simply seeing so many aesthetic designs, I could not help but be inspired. I had so many ideas of what I could do with a single room to play with. In result, I made the decision to completely redo an empty room in my house to make a new bedroom. First, I started with the walls. The room was originally painted bright violet, which I chose to cover over with a soothing grey. Next came the furnishings. I had a general layout of what the room would look like, so I began the transfer of my bed and a couple other miscellaneous items. The room was beginning to take shape, but there was one problem. My computer setup was a laptop that was hooked up to a couple of other monitors. The laptop was getting a little old, so I thought why not redo my setup? I began to gather some parts for a new PC build. Earlier, Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Kwan reached out and asked if I wanted to review a case and naturally, I responded yes. The case I received was the FSP CMT510 Plus, which is an update on the CMT510. The difference between the two cases is the CMT510 Plus has ARGB fans, meaning that each LED on the fans can be adjusted individually. With these additions, this case seems to focus a lot of its attention on the aesthetics. Will this case's appearances satisfy me? Keep reading to find out!

A new Facebook News tab is starting to roll out in the United States

From The Verge: Facebook began testing a new home for news in its mobile app today called Facebook News. It will roll out to a few hundred thousand users in the United States and host reporting from big publishers, including The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and BuzzFeed. Facebook is paying some (but not all) participating publishers for their work, offering a welcome new revenue stream for the ever-challenged media industry — at least for as long as it lasts.

Verizon isn't done with 4G yet as it grows subscribers

From CNET: Wireless is where it's at for Verizon. Just look at the company's most recent quarterly results. The company continues to rack up new wireless customers as it goes city by city to roll out 5G. But all this growth is coming from its traditional 4G LTE service, as the company continues to promote the tried and true service.

Meanwhile, the company sees its traditional video business slumping as more and more customers cut the cord for online services.

Intel's Chip Shortage Expected To Linger into Q4 and Maybe into 2020

From PC Mag: Intel's chip shortage for PCs will last longer than anticipated. The company now expects the supply issues to persist through the fourth quarter and possibly into 2020.

Intel has been trying to resolve the chip shortage, which began last year, by investing in more manufacturing capacity. The result has boosted production of its 14-nanometer and 10nm chips, "but that growth hasn't been sufficient," Intel CEO Bob Swan said in an earnings call on Thursday.

"We're letting our customers down and they are expecting more from us," he added.

Twitter says it now removes half of all abusive tweets before users report them

From The Verge: Twitter says more than 50 percent of tweets identified as abusive are now being flagged by its automated moderation tools first and taken down before a user reports them. Improvements in its machine learning model for identifying problematic tweets enabled the faster moderation, Twitter said.

Samsung Unveils 20 Percent Faster Exynos 990 Mobile Chip

From PC Mag: f you've decided to give the Galaxy S10 a miss and wait for the inevitable Galaxy S11, we have some good news! Samsung just announced the mobile chip it will most likely use in its next flagship phone and it's 20 percent faster.

At the Samsung Tech Day 2019, the company unveiled two new chips: the Exynos 990 mobile processor and the 5G Exynos Modem 5123. Both are manufactured using 7nm extreme ultra-violet (EUV) process technology and with it realize a number of performance benefits.

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