Facebook abandons plan to sell ads in WhatsApp, report says

From CNET: Facebook has reportedly abandoned its plan to sell ads in messaging platform WhatsApp, according to a Thursday report by The Wall Street Journal. The company's decision to bring ads to the app is reportedly what led to the departure of WhatsApp's creators around two years ago.

In recent months, WhatsApp dissolved a team dedicated to figuring out how to best integrate ads into the platform, people familiar with the matter told the Journal. That team's work was reportedly removed from WhatsApp's code.

AirPods Pro owners complain of worse noise cancellation after firmware updates

From The Verge: Some AirPods Pro owners have been complaining about degraded noise cancellation in recent weeks, claiming that Apple’s latest earbuds suddenly got less effective at silencing ambient noise after receiving a firmware update. Rtings.com retested the AirPods Pro and found their noise canceling capabilities to be worse after firmware update 2C54. But affected customers say the trouble began even earlier with firmware version 2B588, which rolled out in November. (Apple later pulled firmware 2C54 for unknown reasons.)

NSA reported a major Windows 10 security flaw the same day Windows 7 support ended

From CNET: Instead of keeping a potential hacking resource to itself, the US National Security Agency alerted Microsoft to a serious security flaw in the Windows 10 operating system that could open computers to major breaches or surveillance. The NSA said the flaw is severe and that hackers will understand very quickly how to exploit it.

"The consequences of not patching the vulnerability are severe and widespread," the NSA said in an advisory Tuesday.

YouTube advertisers blindsided by climate change denial videos

From The Verge: YouTube has been recommending and serving ads against videos that feature denial of or misinformation about climate change, according to a new report. The identified videos had 21.1 million views between them and might be suggested to users after a search for “climate change,” “global warming,” or the conspiracy theory “climate manipulation.”

Firefox's Developer Mozilla Lays Off 70 Staffers

From PC Mag: The maker of Firefox, Mozilla Corporation, is laying off about 70 employees on sagging revenues.

The company's latest products, which focus on paid subscriptions, have taken Mozilla longer to develop and ship than it originally anticipated. This has caused revenues to come in under projections, Mozilla's executive chairwoman Mitchell Baker told employees in an email, which was obtained by TechCrunch.

Philips Launches New Over-Ear Wireless Active Noise Canceling Headphones

From Philips Press Release: Envision Peripherals Inc. (EPI), the Brand license partner for Philips Audio in North America, announces today the latest addition to the Philips audio line with the Philips Wireless over-ear noise cancelling headphone (TAPH805BK). The headphones are now available on Amazon, competitively priced at $199.99 USD.

Ideal for at Home, in the Office, or on-the-go, the new Philips (TAPH805BK) headphones provide users with an unparalleled listening experience.

Music or Silence

Thermaltake New Level 20 RS ARGB Mid Tower Chassis

From Thermaltake Press Release: Thermaltake proudly announced a new member of Level 20 series, the Level 20 RS ARGB edition mid-tower chassis. Inspired by sports cars, the Level 20 RS ARGB has a rising top panel that cleverly hides the I/O ports on its side; the ARGB light bar shown on its front perfectly mimics the afterimage of a car’s tail light. Furthermore, we switched the front panel’s material to a three-layer filter, and adjusted the pillars of the front panel to help maximize the airflow, giving a unique characteristic to this chassis.

Amazon is letting sellers use FedEx Ground again

From CNET: Amazon will once again allow third-party sellers to use FedEx Ground and Home delivery services for Prime orders, the e-tailer said Tuesday. It temporarily blocked sellers from doing so last month, reportedly saying it made the move because of a decline in performance.

Amazon sent an email to sellers saying that FedEx Ground and Home would become available for seller-fulfilled Prime orders starting Tuesday at 2 p.m. PT. An Amazon representative confirmed the details. CNBC earlier reported the news.

YouTube iOS App Gets Subscription Topic Filters

From PC Mag: If you mainly watch videos using an iOS device, YouTube is making it easier to filter through the abundance of content uploaded to your favorite channels.

As the support page explains, YouTube is introducing "topics" in the Subscriptions feed. The idea here is to allow you to tap one of the available topics and have related videos pulled from the channels you subscribe to appear in reverse chronological order.

Google now treats iPhones as physical security keys

From The Verge: The latest update to Google’s Smart Lock app on iOS means you can now use your iPhone as a physical 2FA security key for logging into Google’s first-party services in Chrome. Once it’s set up, attempting to log in to a Google service on, say, a laptop, will generate a push notification on your nearby iPhone. You’ll then need to unlock your Bluetooth-enabled iPhone and tap a button in Google’s app to authenticate before the login process on your laptop completes. The news was first reported by 9to5Google.

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