Malwarebytes Report: Mac Threats Up 400 Percent

From PC Mag: Ready to get scared? Today is the day that Malwarebytes, the now-venerable provider of anti-malware programs for all major operating systems at home or work, releases its 2020 State of Malware Report. It takes into account all the threats and attacks the company tracked in the year 2019 (specifically those made in real time and detected by its software and other sources).

T-Mobile gets green light from judge on Sprint deal

From CNET: T-Mobile's deal with Sprint is almost across the finish line as a New York judge has ruled to let the pending $26.5 billion transaction go ahead. First reported Monday night from The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, US District Judge Victor Marrero formally ruled in favor of the deal Tuesday.

Fourteen attorneys general, led by New York and California, had opposed the deal, arguing that combining the companies into one would dramatically reduce competition and push up prices.

G.SKILL Announces High-Performance DDR4-3600 C16 256GB Memory Kit

From G.Skill Press Release: G.SKILL International Enterprise Co., Ltd. is thrilled to announce an all-new high capacity, low-latency memory kit, Trident Z Neo DDR4-3600 CL16-20-20 256GB (32GBx8) 1.35V, for the latest AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X processor. Built with the latest high-density 16Gb components, this new DDR4 memory specification offers a perfect choice for those pursuing ultimate memory performance or attempting to build a powerful workstation for heavy content creation workloads.

Samsung’s Galaxy Home Mini caught on video ahead of rumored Wednesday release

From The Verge: A whole host of images, videos, and screenshots of Samsung’s Galaxy Home Mini have been posted online by XDA-Developers’ Max Weinbach, giving us our most detailed look yet at Samsung’s unreleased smart speaker. In a page that was subsequently taken down, Samsung previously said the device will be released on February 12th, one day after its Galaxy S20 launch event.

Motorola Disputes Razr Durability Concerns

From PC Mag: Purchasing the new Razr might not be the best idea if you're going to hold onto it for many years.

In a durability test performed by CNET, Motorola's foldable phone gets put up against the FoldBot. Just after 27,000 flips, the Razr called it quits and fell short of the 100,000 flips planned for this particular test. Motorola now disputes durability concerns and released footage from an in-house durability test to challenge CNET's discovery.

Samsung unveils Galaxy Z Flip phone during Oscars 2020

From CNET: We've heard the rumors and seen the links, but on Sunday Samsung showed off its Galaxy Z Flip phone officially for the first time -- at the Academy Awards, of all places. An ad playing early in the Oscars night showed the Galaxy Z Flip in action (though it didn't actually name the phone), folding like Moto's new Razr. Despite showing off the phone, the ad was mostly a teaser for Unpacked, Samsung's launch event for the phone that'll take place on Tuesday.

Antec P120 Crystal Review (Page 1 of 4)

As I am still learning chords on a guitar, I think the hardest ones are the F and B chords. Most of the difficulty comes from the fact both of these chords are traditionally bar chords. My fingers do not have as much strength to consistently push down multiple strings all the time, which is why barred chords are difficult for me. You can probably play these chords using different fingering and thus avoiding the need to bar multiple strings, but there are other problems that come with the alternatives. For the longest time, when I wanted to play songs with these less than preferable chords, I would instead play in a different key and use a capo to transpose it back to the original and avoid the chord altogether.

WhatsApp dark mode for iPhone arrives in latest beta

From The Verge: WhatsApp is finally getting a dark mode soon on iPhone soon. A new beta version of WhatsApp for iOS has appeared with dark mode enabled, indicating that it will soon be available for all iPhone users. MacRumors reports that the testing notes include a dark mode, although no beta testers have shared what the mode looks like.

France hits Apple with $27M fine for slowing down old iPhones

From CNET: France's consumer watchdog on Friday announced that it fined Apple 25 million euros ($27.4 million) for intentionally slowing down older iPhone models with a software update.

The action follows an investigation by the Directorate General for Competition, Consumption and the Suppression of Fraud that kicked off in January 2018, after Apple admitted that its iOS software slowed down the performance of older iPhones to counteract problems found in aging lithium-ion batteries

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