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One interesting thing I find with media consumption services is how they can seemingly predict your preferences. This can be seen in YouTube or Spotify, where they may recommend new videos or music, respectively, based on what you have previously consumed. As such, my YouTube recommendation list is filled with a whole smattering of topics, from baking and cooking to video games and ending with airplanes or short informative videos. Similarly, my Spotify suggested music is primarily albums from Christian artists, a bunch of classical and cover artists, followed by some K-pop and EDM. If I am being honest, even though these are supposedly curated based on what these companies think my interests are, I generally do not find myself clicking on these recommended lists, unless I have no idea what to listen to. Even so, it is pretty interesting to see how technology is able to learn these things and even suggest new things that are similar in style or interests. On the other hand, I wonder how this would translate into suggestions for products. For example, if a user is looking for some sort of fast storage option that is still cheap, what suggestions would appear? Patriot hopes to provide an answer to this question today with their offering of their P200 SSD lineup. Today, we have their 512GB model in for testing, so let us see how this cost-effective solid-state drive is able to perform, especially in comparison with what else is out there!

Microsoft Adds Office and Emoji Keys to New Keyboards

From PC Mag: If you're about to buy a new keyboard, be aware that Microsoft's latest keyboards come with a couple of extra keys you may, or may not appreciate.

As The Verge reports, Microsoft lists two new keyboards for pre-order on its online store, both of which include a dedicated key for Microsoft Office, and another for emojis. The two keyboards in question are the Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard and the Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard.

Hyundai, Kia reach $760M settlement over engine fire lawsuit

From CNET: Following years of scrutiny and even US investigations over vehicle engine fires, Hyundai and Kia have stumped up a substantial amount for vehicle owners, to the tune of three quarters of a billion dollars. The automakers, which are part of Hyundai Motor Group, said on Friday they've reached a settlement in a class-action lawsuit surrounding the troublesome powertrains.

CORSAIR Updates Headset Lineup with New VOID ELITE and HS PRO Headsets

From Corsair Press Release: CORSAIR today announced the new VOID ELITE and HS PRO series of gaming headsets, updating the celebrated VOID and HS Series with improved audio, microphones, and comfort.

Whether you’re looking for immersive 7.1 surround sound, multi-platform compatibility, low-latency wireless, dynamic RGB lighting, or any combination thereof, you’ll find it in one of the many new CORSAIR headsets now available.

Oppo’s new Reno Ace can be fully charged in half an hour

From The Verge: Oppo has announced the latest phone in its increasingly diversified Reno range of flagship phones, the Reno Ace. This one is in many ways the most high-end entry yet, although that depends on how you feel about notches.

Spec-wise, this device is very similar to sister company OnePlus’ excellent new 7T. There’s a Snapdragon 855 Plus processor, a 20:9 6.5-inch 1080p display with a small waterdrop notch and a 90Hz refresh rate, and a camera system built around Sony’s ubiquitous 48-megapixel IMX586 sensor.

Steam Is Adding Online Play to All Local Multiplayer Games

From PC Mag: Some PC games include a local multiplayer option for groups of people who want to play together in the same location. But Steam is unlocking the ability to play such games without needing everyone to be in the same place.

As PC Gamer reports, Valve is launching a new feature for Steam games called Remote Play Together. What Remote Play Together does is add online support for local multiplayer games, meaning you can play with friends even if you can't all meet up in the same location and sit in front of the same TV.

Apple pulls app used in Hong Kong protests

From CNET: Apple has removed, a mapping app that crowdsources the location of police and protestors in Hong Kong, from the App Store, saying it violated the store's guidelines and local laws by allowing protestors in Hong Kong to ambush police and threaten public safety. The move comes after Apple was sharply criticized by Chinese state newspaper People's Daily for allowing the app.

Apple said it removed the app after learning it has been used in ways that put law enforcement and residents in Hong Kong in danger.

Unlike Blizzard, Epic Games says it won’t ban players for political speech

From The Verge: Fortnite developer Epic Games said in a statement that it will not ban players or content creators for political speech. The message comes after Blizzard caught fire this week for banning a professional Hearthstone player for shouting a statement associated with Hong Kong protesters.

“Epic supports everyone’s right to express their views on politics and human rights. We wouldn’t ban or punish a Fortnite player or content creator for speaking on these topics,” an Epic Games spokesperson told The Verge.

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