Google finds Android zero day that can take control of Pixel and Galaxy devices

From The Verge: Security researchers with Google’s Project Zero team have disclosed an Android vulnerability that appears to have been exploited in the real world, ZDNet reports. The issue affects phones manufactured by Samsung, including the Galaxy S7, S8, and S9, as well as the Huawei P20, Pixel 1, and Pixel 2. An Android spokesperson said that an attacker would either need to get their target to install a malicious application or pair the attack with a second exploit via a program like a web browser. At that point, the exploit achieves “full compromise” of a device.

Apple tells suppliers to ramp up production of iPhone 11, report says

From CNET: The $699 price tag for iPhone 11 seems to be paying off. Apple reportedly increased its order for iPhone 11s by 10%, or 8 million units, according to Nikkei Asian Review on Friday.

"This autumn is so far much busier than we expected," an unnamed source that apparently has knowledge of the situation told Nikkei. "Previously, Apple was quite conservative about placing orders. After the increase, prepared production volume for the iPhone 11 series will be higher compared to last year."

Everything Microsoft Announced at Its Surface Event

From PC Mag: It was a busy morning in New York today as Microsoft unveiled a whole new passel of Surface devices that will arrive in time for the holiday season, and teased two innovative, dual-screen gadgets coming in 2020, as well as a number of accessories.

The Surface Laptop is one of Microsoft's most beloved hardware devices, hitting a new high-water mark with the refined Surface Laptop 2. Today, the company announced it was updating the PC again and expanding the offering, revealing a Surface Laptop 3 that comes in both 13- and 15-inch sizes.

Marshall’s latest Major headphones add Google Assistant and a 60-hour battery

From The Verge: With its new Major III Voice headphones, Marshall has added an extra 30 hours of battery life compared to the Major III headphones it released last year, for a total of 60 hours of playback. As well as the extra battery life, the new Major III Voice model also features built-in support for Google Assistant, which you can summon using the headphones’ voice button.

Google Revamps Mobile Shopping to Take on Amazon

From PC Mag: The countdown to Black Friday and Cyber Monday has already begun, and Google is rolling out a slew of new mobile-friendly shopping features to compete with online retailers like Amazon this holiday season.

As of this morning, changes to Google Shopping are live on desktop in the browser via and the Shopping tab of Google search results, but the biggest enhancements are for mobile shopping.

Microsoft thinks a dual-screen Android phone can take on Apple and Samsung

From CNET: More than two decades ago, Microsoft started designing software for mobile devices. Two years ago, it gave up on phones, conceding that Google and Apple had won the OS battle. On Wednesday, Microsoft reversed course, unveiling a dual-screen smartphone. But rather than push a homegrown operating system in phones, Microsoft has taken up rival Google's Android software, which powers over 2.5 billion devices around the world.

Cooler Master Launches ELV8 Universal Graphics Card Holder

From Cooler Master Press Release: Cooler Master introduces the ELV8 Universal Graphics Card Holder. Featuring vibrant RGB lighting, the ELV8 features a sleek design alternative to the traditional vertical GPU holder.

Elevate by Color
The ELV8 features an elegant design equipped with an addressable RGB strip that illuminates the aesthetics of your PC build. Designed to enhance overall user experience, the ELV8 is compatible with major motherboard manufacturers and can sync with RGB-ready software.

GIGABYTE X299X Motherboards Accelerate Your Creativity

From : GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd, a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, today launched the X299X Series Motherboards based on the newly upgraded X299 chipset. With up to a 16-phase digital power design, GIGABYTE X299X motherboards raise the bar for performance on enthusiast grade Intel® Core™ X processors. Coupled with an 8-DIMM Quad Channel DDR4 design with up to 256GB memory support, the motherboards enable users to easily handle memory intensive tasks such as file conversion, video editing, and more.

Siri will soon default to the messaging apps you prefer, not just iMessage

From The Verge: In a software update coming this year, Apple will allow Siri to use third-party messaging apps by default, Bloomberg reports. It will later expand to phone apps for making calls.

Currently, if you want Siri to message or call a contact using WhatsApp or Skype, for example, you need to specifically mention those apps. Otherwise, the voice assistant defaults to Apple’s iMessage service or the Phone app. However, in the future, Siri will learn which service you prefer for each contact and default to that for communications, according to Bloomberg.

Samsung Quietly Launches a 15.6-Inch Chromebook

From PC Mag: Usually when a new piece of hardware is launched there's a press release and some marketing behind it. That doesn't seem to be the case for Samsung's latest Chromebook, which has started appearing at online retailers.

Details are sparse, but this Samsung Chromebook 4+ (XE350XBAI) counts as the company's first 15.6-inch Chrome OS device. It's also quite tempting for anyone in the market for a Chromebook as even with the larger display it only costs $320.

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