Adobe Reveals New Firefly AI Tool to Help Illustrators Color Their Art

From CNET: Adobe on Thursday revealed a third member of its Firefly family of generative AI technologies, a tool to rapidly try out different color schemes for illustrations.

With the "recolor vectors" tool, you upload a vector graphic file like a logo, illustration or, in Adobe's example shown off during a Firefly live meetup, a mandala. Firefly then generates a quartet of illustrations, each with a new and, ideally, pleasing combination of colors.

"Firefly gets me into the realm of colors that I like ... then I can tweak it from there," said Adobe product evangelist Paul Trani in the demo. "This is such a pain in Illustrator to try to recolor all of this."

Adobe isn't the first to supply generative tools, a newly creative aspect of artificial intelligence technology. But its moves are important since Adobe is the top supplier of software to help creative professionals and amateurs.

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