Adobe Photoshop’s AI art tools are now available for you to try

From PC World: An Adobe Photoshop beta with AI art tools from Adobe Firefly has begun shipping, with the general release scheduled for the second half of 2023, Adobe said. The magic word? “Generative Fill,” the feature that will tap Firefly for creating backgrounds and other digital objects via AI.

For decades, Adobe Photoshop has been synonymous with creating images that don’t correspond to real life. Adobe tip-toed further into this realm earlier this year with Firefly, a superb AI art generator that was then a standalone project. Adobe characterized Firefly as one of its most successful beta launches, with users creating hundreds of millions of digital images.

Eventually, Firefly and the Generative Fill function will be incorporated across Adobe’s Creative Cloud product portfolio, the company said. Adobe characterized Firefly and Generative Fill as a “creative copilot,” the name also given to Microsoft’s AI assistants like the new Windows Copilot, too. For now, you can download the Photoshop beta from Adobe’s website.

There’s something else that Microsoft and Adobe will share, too: a digital watermark, which will identify the resulting image as AI-generated. Adobe calls this “Content Credentials,” but it’s the same principle that Microsoft is using with its own AI digital watermarking scheme.

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