Samsung Unveils Rollable Display Concept for Laptops and PCs

From CNET: Samsung Display has taken the wraps off its new rollable screen technology for larger screens, saying it could "revolutionize the portability of tablet PCs or laptops."

Unlike current slidable and foldable devices, which Samsung says only triples the size of a screen, Samsung says the Rollable Flex screen expands to five times the size -- from 49mm to 254.4mm in length. It does so by rolling the display around an O-shaped axis like a scroll of paper.

This could make larger devices like laptops and tablets smaller and easier to carry.

It's not the first time we've seen a rollable display; the Motorola Rizr concept phone was revealed this year after LG showed off a phone with a rollable screen back in 2021 before exiting the smart phone market, which came after showing off a rollable TV at CES in January 2019.

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