Windows Backup app debuts, alongside a begged-for taskbar upgrade

From PC World: No, Windows 11 still isn’t able to move your taskbar around. But Microsoft is testing another feature users want: The ability to ungroup and badge your apps and windows on the taskbar.

We’d like to say that Microsoft’s Windows 11 Insider preview build 23466 for the Dev Channel includes some the nifty new Windows features that Microsoft announced this week, including RGB lighting controls, improved Widgets, and so on. It doesn’t. Instead, there’s even more — but the Taskbar update is there, thankfully, as is the new PC migration / restore feature. (Sorry, the upcoming Windows Copilot AI-powered tool will debut in June.)

Essentially, Microsoft is making Windows 11 more like Windows 10 through the ungrouped badging option (called “never combined mode”) on the Taskbar. Let’s face it: Windows 11 shows a tiny little progress bar-like icon on Windows 11 to indicate how many windows or instances of a given application are available, and it’s impossible to parse. Badging and ungrouping the windows, like so, solves this problem. (So does Explorer Patcher, a fantastic free program that restores many missing Windows 11 features.)

“Never combined” mode was one of the most requested features, Microsoft said, probably for good reason.

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