Microsoft makes its Surface Go 4 tablet a tool for professionals

From PC World: Microsoft has apparently decided to make the Surface Go line of tiny tablets a purely business device, announcing the Surface Go 4 for Business but without a consumer option. What’s new? The lack of Arm options and a new Intel processor.

Microsoft didn’t reveal a starting price for the Surface Go 4 for Business, which it will sell via corporate channels. Businesses will also have the option of adding a massive Surface instead, as Microsoft announced the Surface Hub 3 as well, for conferences rooms. Again, no price was disclosed.

Microsoft updated three of its Surface laptops with new components at its fall event on Thursday, adding the Surface Laptop Studio 2, the Surface Laptop Go 3, and the Surface Go 4 for Business to fill various niches in its lineup.

The biggest change to the Surface Go 4 is the new Intel N200 processor. Because of its relatively low price, we assume that the Surface Go sells rather well. The problem is that the Surface Go 3, which our Surface Go 3 review felt was adequate, began with a $399 price tag for a model with 4GB of RAM. That eliminated it from our recommendations, and pushed the price up to the $629 tier with 8GB of RAM.

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