Ring’s latest battery doorbell comes with new features but the same old look

From The Verge: Smart home security company Ring has announced a new battery-powered doorbell. The $229.99 Battery Doorbell Pro builds on the Ring Battery Plus released last year — which brought 1536p HD video and a head-to-toe view to Ring’s wire-free doorbell line — and adds 3D Motion Detection powered by radar instead of passive infrared sensing. This should give more accurate alerts and not try to tell you that a tree branch is a person. There’s also dual-band Wi-Fi, color pre-roll, color night vision, and noise-cancelling audio.

Ring now sells three wireless battery doorbells: the Video Doorbell (second-gen) for $100, the Battery Plus for $150 (down from its launch price of $180), and the Battery Pro for $230. The new top-of-the-line Pro has essentially all the features of the wired Video Doorbell Pro 2 (one of my picks for the best video doorbell) in a battery-powered package. It’s really only missing battery-hungry (and frankly useless) features like Alexa Greetings. But disappointingly, it still looks like every other Ring doorbell.

Aesthetics aside, the Doorbell Pro has a few other upgrades over the Doorbell Plus (my current pick for best battery-powered video doorbell). There’s now “Low Light Sight,” which uses an advanced sensor to show color video at night with just a sliver of ambient light. There’s also noise-canceling Audio Plus for better two-way talk.

The doorbell also uses its radar sensors for two “Bird’s Eye” features: Bird’s Eye View and Bird’s Eye Zones. These show an aerial perspective of motion on your property in the Ring app and can work with the camera motion zones to let you pinpoint where you want alerts to come from.

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