Logitech’s new 4K webcam can flip down to show off your desk

From PC World: PC accessories like webcams don’t exactly progress at the same breakneck pace as, say, CPUs or smartphones. In fact, Logitech’s top-of-the-line Brio 4K design has seen only a few mild adjustments since it was first announced more than seven years ago. Today, the company is updating that design and bringing it into the “MX” line alongside such well-regarded staples as the MX Master mouse and MX Keys keyboard.

The MX Brio webcam boasts a new 8.5 megapixel 4K sensor, a physical privacy shutter, and the ability to quickly flip down to show off your desktop. On that last point, it was technically possible with the latest Brio design (I can do it right now since I own one), but it was far from easy.

Logitech’s promotional video for the MX Brio shows the user flipping the camera down 90 degrees, at which point the streamed image rotates by 180 degrees to show off the desktop from the perspective of the person facing the camera. It’s a neat and intuitive little trick, to be sure, especially handy if you want to show off your fancy mechanical keyboard. Just as a completely random example, of course.

The spec list claims more advanced lighting correction to illuminate both you and your office, with “2X finer image detail and face visibility vs [the previous] Brio 4K,” though the 4K/30fps sensor isn’t any more capable as a matter of pure numbers. Users have access to more advanced image control via software, and the dual beamforming microphones with noise reduction return from the last high-end design.

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