Intel’s next desktop chip, Arrow Lake, will ship this fall

From PC World: Intel announced its next-generation processor, Lunar Lake, today. But chief executive Pat Gelsinger also updated Intel’s roadmap — next up is Arrow Lake, Intel’s desktop chip.

Although Intel is talking extensively about Lunar Lake in what is probably an attempt to undercut Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Elite laptops shipping by its partners, Lunar Lake won’t ship until the third quarter, when Gelsinger promised more than 80 designs from its partners.

“This is the most consequential time of our careers together,” Gelsinger said at a keynote address at Computex, adding that it is the most profound time in the PC industry in 25 years.

Lunar Lake, however, is a mobile processor. For those looking for the next desktop, Arrow Lake will ship in the fourth quarter, Gelsinger said. Gelsinger didn’t release any details of Arrow Lake, however. Other Intel executives have said that Arrow Lake will be classified as a Core Ultra processor, however, because it will contain an integrated NPU.

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