Overclockers Aim For 6 GHz And Beyond At NVISION

From Tom's Hardware: LAN parties and overclocking go together like cheese and pizza, bread and butter, well you get the picture. At the NVISION conference and lan party in San Jose this week, several overclockers are attempting to boost their processors to six gigahertz and beyond. It’s all in the name of fun and friendly competition and "Fugger", the owner of xtremesystems.org, showed off his three-stage cooler that chills CPUs to minus 100 degrees ... that’s Celsius, not Fahrenheit.

The cooler has massive pipes that connect to the processor, which in this case was an Intel Core 2 Due E8600 "Wolfdale". Fugger fights condensation with thick insulation and a nice layer of Vaseline Vaseline on the motherboard. You can see the massive cooler in our pictures below - it’s so massive that it requires its own cart to transport around the show floor.

Fugger told us that he had only been playing around with the processor for approximately five minutes before we walked up. Already the processor was stable at 5.8 GHz and he was trying to boot into Windows at 6 GHz. After a few voltage tweaks and bus speed adjustments, he managed to get into Windows and fire up CPU-ID with a 5999.7 MHz speed (600.00 Bus X 10.00 Multiplier). It was even stable enough to run a PI benchmark and Aquamark.

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